prseo-300x195When it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), many don’t know the efficacy a PR firmcan have on an SEO campaign. However, one full-time SEO blogger, Amanda DiSilvestro, does – and recommends adding PR to your SEO strategy. And I quote her, “Once you really dive into the subject you’ll be wondering why you didn’t consider the help of public relations in the first place.”

A link to DiSilvestro’s full blog post is below. Here is her summary of the Top 6 Ways Public Relations Can Help Your SEO Efforts

First DiSilvestro says it’s important to understand what public relations actually is and how it works online.

One of PR’s jobs is creating relationships with large publications and media outlets. They create and offer up newsworthy stories about your company that have the potential to gain credible publicity and establish you as an expert. Amongst that responsibility comes online work. A few ways that a PR agency can really help your SEO include:

  1. Connections. Find media outlets that cater to your target market in order to publicize your business. Press releases written and submitted to these sites via accepted and credible PR channels, can produce a link back to your company.
  2. Content Experience. PR pros generally have a good sense of the media and can often write things that go viral – they know what the public wants. Have your PR firm read your content and help you determine what works for your readers. SEO without your company’s message will not resonate with your prospective consumers.
  3. Traffic and Visibility. This is one place where SEO and PR both benefit. When it comes to getting traffic for different press releases, use the right keywords in the release. It will help this content get featured on a SERP (Search Engine Results Page) (1), and then more and more people will begin to click, see the release, find your link and click once again.
  4. Reputation. If you can advertise on your site the fact that you were mentioned (or even featured) on a large publication, it is more likely that other large sites will feel you’re worthy of being mentioned on their site where you would get another great backlink. (See my article on 7 Ways to Re-purpose Your PR & Publicity)
  5. Lessons Learned. PR pros know a lot about communication and communicate with others on a regular basis. This isn’t something that SEOs are quite as good at (usually), so a PR agency can teach SEOs quite a bit in this arena.
  6. Returning Connections. Many SEOs have a bad habit of working with someone once or twice and then letting the relationship fall – keeping a relationship going can really help you gain visibility over the long term, which is what PRs are best at.

I found Amanda’s article on SEO and PR quite helpful. To read her blog post

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Karla Jo Helms
(1) Search Engine Results Page