How Have Communications And Business Culture Evolved In 2019?


For nearly 100 years now, public relations as a business has been in existence as a profession, while the control of public opinion has been going on for ages. Depending on who you talk to, 1904 or the 1920s is when the profession of public relations was first initiated. Since then, PR and the communications and business culture in general, has evolved by leaps and bounds.

Let’s take a close look at several things that are trending in 2019 as they apply to the business culture, communications, and public relations.

Measurement and Data

When it comes to measurement and data, some brands are starting to over-rely on them. Though for brands seaking to analyze the success of a campaign, analytics and data are undeniably helpful, they can, additionally, be a hindrance, creatively.

Who knows why a particular story or video goes viral? Companies may not take a gamble on the next biggest and best thing if they are relying too heavily on their data department.

Make no mistake, what’s currently playing well on the Internet is something your company should keep track of. But, how one single project is doing is not the only thing to be relied on when it comes to capturing the attention of your audience for projects yet to come.

External and Internal Communication

Communication, both externally and internally, is being changed by social media. Many companies have preconceived notions as to communication and how to go about achieving it. External-internal, business-to-business, and business-to-consumer social media breakdowns are particularly clear.

For example, a company in search of attracting potential customers may use Facebook Live. But, as an employee townhall, it can also be utilized. Additionally, a beneficial place to advertise can be with Instagram stories; even for a software brand business that may not consider their product to be of interest visually.

The Culture of a Company

A company’s culture is not only of interest to its employees, but consumers as well. Values that prioritize the needs of both employees and consumers must be established by a company and then adhered to. Culture matters! Boards and CEOs are getting a far deeper understanding of that today. Even if your enterprise has strong profits and revenues, it can be destroyed by bad culture.

In addition to considering the interests and views of employees, businesses are looking at consumers and considering their interests and views as well. If a company won’t stick by their values, they can expect consumers to refuse to patronize them.

Today, consumers want more than just products from companies, and they’re feeling particularly empowered. In particular, younger consumers want brands to engage socially and politically on issues that matter – and they want it done in such a way that it might be considered disturbing or rebellious. They want companies to shake things up. Rock the boat.

A PR Company in Tune with the Times

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