How Good PR Can Make the Cash Register Ring


In the history of business, good Public Relations has never been as important for a company as it is today. In the hands of a competent PR professional, a company’s good works can reach millions in a micro second, making the “cash resister ring.”

Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Bad or ineffective PR can reverberate in silence in cyberspace so no one notices, or worse, can cause untold damage to a company.

But how can one tell the difference between a competent PR firm, from its opposite, an incompetent one? One way NOT to tell is by the size of the firm or the number of dusty trophies they have on their shelves.

In truth, many people (including CEOs) can’t identify a good PR professional simply because they, themselves, are in the dark about what constitutes effective PR. To them, most PR seems like “smoke and mirrors.”

Bad PR Identified

A bad PR firm has no specific plan or strategy and certainly not a lazar-sharp statement of purpose for your PR campaign. They don’t coordinate emails, social media, news releases and web content into a cohesive launch that results in a predictable and measurable result of focused goodwill for your company.

Bad PR sends out last, fluffy press releases mostly because “it’s that time of the month” (literally) and they need evidence that they are doing something for the fee you’re paying them.

To boot, bad PR specializes in poorly-written press releases that talk about how great your company is (aka fluff), but truthfully, outside your four walls, no one really gives a shiza about your company. People only care about what you can do for them.

What is good PR?
To understand what a good PR company does, just think the opposite of traditional PR. We have coined a word for this new and effective PR. We at JOTO PR call it Anti-PR. In fact, we are the epitome of Anti-PR.

Anti-PR coordinates your business strategy to your outgoing communications—e.g. emails, social media, news releases, web content and more into a cohesive launch that results in a predictable and measurable result of focused goodwill for your company.

Good PR (Anti-PR) generates a generous return on your investment. Because Anti-PR makes people more interested and comfortable in doing business with you.

Good PR positions your company as a “thought leader” in your industry, to your clients and prospective clientele by telling your story in the best possible light and portraying you as someone who takes a strong stance, so people know exactly what you (your company) represent—AND HOW YOU SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS.

No half-baked, wimpy viewpoints allowed. No namby-pamby BS. People respond to certainty. The media responds to certainty. Sometimes companies are so concerned with offending someone that everything they say and do falls right in the middle where it never gets noticed.

You must stand out in the crowd.

One way of accomplishing that is to take a bold stance.

We call this disruptive PR.

Good PR:

In today’s overly-crowded, over-communicated marketplace your potential customers may only retain a single thought about your company. Are you the “recommended company,” the “company that works harder,” or the “company that saves you money?” These are just simple examples. The point is that Anti-PR will establish a single message about your company that will cut through the market noise and make an impact on your potential customers in a memorable way.


Anti-PR will position you above your competition in terms of making you look like the innovative company that is always in the know.

Play it like Jazz

Yet, despite all the great planning that a good PR firm does, they, like a good jazz musician, must be able to improvise on the spur of the moment as to fit into the current-day news cycle. There are no cobwebs attached to good PR. It must move fluidly and fast.

Many traditional PR firms, however, have sheets of cobwebs to work through. Some of the big “Madison Avenue PR firms” are so old and so big they simply can’t change course on the spur of the moment, like a younger, leaner firm can. Improvisation doesn’t play well in a bureaucracy.

In the end, good PR creates a dynamic image of your company so as to make you a force in the industry. Because that is what you are beneath it all, right?

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