With the coronavirus limiting in-person contact, both businesses and socializing have been depending on programs like Face Time, Zoom, and more. Instagram Live is a free, engaging, and fun way to increase brand awareness and connect with followers, while still creating meaningful and authentic content. You can, as a business, foster brand loyalty while captivating wide audiences.

But this isn’t just a live video stream that’s unedited. Non-followers and followers (viewers) can leave comments, ask questions, and basically tune in – in real time. Is more or less, Face Time as an interactive group.

Instagram Live

Together, like-minded accounts, influencers, small businesses, and brands can use Instagram Live and still obtain insight and feedback – in real time – from fans and consumers. Both computers and phones can be used for viewers to tune in.

Businesses can increase their discoverability on Instagram Live by participating in or hosting a session.

Possibly best of all, your viewers don’t have to view your session live in order to watch it or respond. Your Instagram Live will stay up, after your initial broadcast, for 24 hours. Sounds great, right? But how to begin? We’re going to post some helpful information so that you don’t feel quite so overwhelmed, particularly if you’re not familiar with Internet communication programs such as those mentioned above.


In advance, you will want to promote your Instagram Live event. Here’s the equation for a successful event: don’t promote it too far in advance, but don’t wait too long, either. You want possible viewers to add the event to their calendar and set up reminders on their personal devices. Some people like to create Instagram Stories countdowns promoting their event. A few days prior to going live, start the countdown.

Audience Activity

When your audience is most active, that’s when you go live with your Instagram Live session. Figure out when the most activity by your viewers occurs. That’s when you’ll schedule your session. How do you determine audience activity? By clicking under the “audience tab”, you can look at your Instagram Insights. Times when followers are active will be displayed in a breakdown. By the week and time of day, the data is broken down day by day.

Create a Plan

No matter how strong you feel your improv skills may be, don’t wing it! Identify key talking points and goals to assist you in clear vision development. Nothing’s worse than awkward silences or pauses!

Practice Makes Perfect

Just like you might practice a speech before you give it, practice hosting your event. Have a couple of friends come over and do it in front of them. Get their feedback as to how they think it went, what could be improved, what they liked, etc. Then again, you don’t want to look too rehearsed or scripted. There’s a happy medium here. It is supposed to be a live event, after all.

Additionally, avoid background noises. Squeaky chairs, clicking pens, dogs barking, etc.; and watch out for others in your household walking past the camera you’re broadcasting from – particularly if they aren’t exactly “presentable”.

Consider lighting, as well. There’s no reason for unflattering shadows or extreme darkness. Let your public see you for who you are – in all your glory!

Wrapping Up Your Session

Try to avoid that awkward wave when you end your session. Just as you have conducted the entire Instagram Live professionally, do so when you wrap up. Whenever possible, tie everything back to your objectives and goals. Encourage your audience to follow you, for example, if your goal is to increase follower count. Direct your followers to your bio link for a subscription if you want to increase email subscribers.

Be sure, however, not to be overly pushy. You’re not selling a new car here, after all.

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