How Anti-PR can boost your business!


PR, when done correctly, can skyrocket a business. I would like to tell you how. But first… I must point out that many people (including top CEOs) don’t fully understand what effective PR can do.

I am Karla Jo Helms, CEO of JOTO PR. I spearheaded a market research initiative on 5,000 fast-growth company CEO’s to learn their opinion of PR.

To be honest, what I discovered was shameful to us in the PR industry that know what we’re doing.
Here’s what CEOs have said,
“PR is smoke and mirrors.”
“PR is necessary, but I never see any return from it.”

Their opinions weren’t based on good PR, but rather on PR done poorly—what I call the “old fashioned, traditional PR way.” Sometimes traditional PR firms are more concerned with their own PR, rather than being effective with their client’s PR. Those are the ones that often use “smoke and mirrors.”

I’m not here to bash anyone. I’m just putting forth the facts of the PR industry—the old industry. I understand the frustrations of bad PR firsthand. And that’s why my official title at JOTO PR is Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist.

What exactly is “Anti-PR? It’s the opposite of “smoke and mirrors.” It’s the opposite of no return on investment. It’s the exact opposite of ineffective PR.

Measurable Results

Instead of the nebulous, non-measurable activities that traditional (bad) PR engages in, Anti-PR produces a laser focused, strategic public relations campaign that garners measurable and profitable results while creating a stellar image for your company every step of the way. An important result of Anti-PR is for you (your company) to become a thought leader in your industry, in addition to getting a great Return on your Investment.

So how do you get there? How do make Anti-PR work for you?

It starts by being disruptive. Today, with the internet and social media people are over communicated to. They suffer from too much market noise, which makes them sort of numb. To get attention, you must positively disrupt the market you are talking to.

Your PR message must cut through the status quo and impact your audience in such a way that gets attention and creates trust for your products or services.

There are several ways to disrupt a market. One simple place to start is with strong third-party endorsements.

Good PR comes to you through third party endorsement

Third party endorsement isn’t only testimonials. These are important, but the best PR is generated by a highly credible third-party endorsement that has nothing to gain from touting your great company. The more credible the source, the better.

Here’s an example. Imagine what would happen if a stranger tried to sell you a fiction book by an unknown author—compared to Oprah adding that unknown book and author to her Book Club. In this case, Oprah is the third-party endorsement. That’s effective PR. The good news is you don’t need Oprah. There are other ways to get third party endorsements specific to your industry.

At JoTo PR we work hard to get our clients credible and powerful third-party endorsements. And lots of them.

Please look for my next email where I will explain further how you can disrupt your market.

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