Where is the Internet headed? Some believe the answer to be this: Content optimization is the future of the Internet. To grow their profits and build a brand, the technique is being used by both small and large businesses. Best of all, compared to outdated marketing methods, it truly works better!

Businesses are no longer limiting themselves to a small number of popular content types. This is, in part, thanks to today’s growth of content marketing. Various types of content are being experimented with. This, in turn, makes content marketing even more viable due, in a way, to the diversification.

Unfortunately, it’s not enough just to create good content to realize true success with content marketing. There is still work to be done after that first step. Here’s a formula that many have found success with:

Steps to a Successful Marketing Campaign

  • Content creation is part one
  • Content promotion is step two
  • The third step is content optimization

If any part of the formula is missing, turning readers into consumers is much harder.

Content Optimization –What Does It Mean?

When you take a piece of content that might be considered average and change it into something outstanding, this is referred to as content optimization. To fetch a higher conversion rate, you attract more readers by adding an optimization layer to your contact.

The goal here:

  • For your readers, make your content as useful as it can be.
  • To search engines, you will make it more enticing in the process.

The happier your researchers are, the higher your site will rank, and the more “brownie points” you will gain with Google. Such are the workings of modern SEO. Search engines are impressed when people are impressed.

Grow Your Traffic with These Content Optimization Tips

With the following tips, you will have an easier time using content optimization to grow traffic to your site/product/service:

  • Make sure your content is reader friendly.
  • Old content should be updated often or as needed.
  • Organic CTR (click through rate) improvement.
  • Assure the proper use of keywords.

Let’s expound a bit on that final tip of assuring the proper use of keywords:

  • In the title page, your primary keywords should appear. You stand a better chance of getting ranked higher if they appear in the beginning of the title.
  • Important keywords should be embedded in the meta description. Through this practice, your click through rate should improve.
  • In the body text, your significant keywords should appear. To make a real ranking difference – in the first paragraph.
  • On your primary page: Using relevant keywords in the anchor text, make sure to add, from other relevant pages of your site, inbound links.
  • Because your site’s content should include images, it is crucial that keywords be added to your images’ captions, filenames, alt tags, etc.

Remember that using too many keywords equates to “stuffing”, which should be avoided.

Avoid These Content Optimization Mistakes

The following are mistakes people have made involving content optimization – so try to avoid them:

  • The publishing of unedited content
  • Exceedingly vague headlines
  • The absence of standout content

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