Healthcare News: Operating a physical therapy private practice today | Advance Magazine

By Jonathan Bassett via Advance Magazine

Roundtable_300xMuch speculation has followed landmark 2012 healthcare events such as the Supreme Court’s ruling affirming the Affordable Care Act, new Medicare qualifiers and cap implementation, and proposed cuts to the physician fee schedule that were caught up in discussions involving the “fiscal cliff.”

ADVANCE sat down with three successful practice owners and operators to gauge the current status of the profession, explore the pressing issues facing today’s private practitioner, and speculate on the future of private practice physical therapy.

  • Blaine Stimac, PT, MS, is CEO of Professional Therapy Associates, a four-location practice in Montana that was founded in 1988. Stimac founded Kalispell Rehabilitation Associates in 2000, which merged with Professional Therapy Associates in 2007.
  • Michael Weinper, DPT, MPH, is co-founder and president of PTPN, a nationwide network of physical therapy practices, and principal in Progressive Physical Therapy, a four-location practice in Southern California.
  • Eric Warner, PT, MS, is CEO of Accelerated Rehabilitation Centers, a network of over 225 rehabilitation centers in the Midwest and Arizona.

ADVANCE: Is running a physical therapy business more or less challenging than it was 5 years ago?…

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