Athletes back on their feetIt starts with an injury. The kind that keeps elite athletes up at night. Maybe it’s only a small thing, but enough to derail years of work, and postpone goals being met.

For the last 30 years, 15 in Bellevue, Neil Chasan has helped athletes of all types — professionals to weekend warriors — come back from what ails them.

At the Sports Reaction Center in Bellevue, located at 1750 112th Avenue, Chasan and a team of physical therapists work with all levels of athletes. The company uses cutting edge technology to help fix the problem, and spot things before they happen…

Chad Coleman/Mercer Island Reporter
Letiwe Patton runs in the AlterG treadmill as Neil Chasan, owner of Sports Reaction Center physical therapy, looks on in Bellevue. Patton is rehabbing her hamstring, hoping to make the Zimbabwean national team in the steeple chase event.

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