LGBT Heroes: Amazon, PBS, Netflix, etc.

JoTo PR Disruptors commentary on MediaPost article: Amazon, PBS, Netflix Top Brands Perceived By LGBT Consumers

Being perceived by the public as a disruptive (going against the status-quo, implying the current state of affairs is more harmful, overtly, covertly, by omission or commission) force by the public can do just as much as a brilliant ad campaign (if not more). Goodwill is generated when publicized works in the media of a company’s disruption act as free word-of-mouth advertisements – people then talk about you on social media and better yet, in person with their friends and family, creating more people interested and comfortable in doing business with you… and fostering life-long customers (given the goodwill stays there).

Being perceived that same way by the right audience can lead to the above condition, but in a more targeted and expounded way.

YouGov BrandIndex has been positioning companies based on demography for some time now and last year started a new category in the LGBT group. The list was helmed by Elon Musk’s energy-progressive Tesla before “falling” to 35 this year. 1

The champion of this category this year is Amazon.

PBS was second.

Followed by Netflix, YouTube, Dawn, Target and Google.

Look over those top companies and you might notice something. These are powerful and disruptive companies, so powerful their company names have turned into verbs. “Hey, Why Don’t you Google It?”, “It’s too pricey, I’ll Amazon it when I get home,” “I can’t wait to YouTube that press conference!”

Other than being exceptional products or services, these companies have remained in good graces with demographs of many audiences, such as the LGBT community. People trust these brands because they LIKE them, see them as a force of good, and since they LIKE them (equating to trust) they do BUSINESS with them. Simple as that.

But good works do not speak for themselves anymore. That hasn’t been that way for a long time. Publicity is the tool that publicizes a company’s good deeds, which in turn creates goodwill.

Goodwill about your company and brand leads to expansion. It does this because of the relationship formed between customer and company, (hence Public Relations). It’s increasingly similar to what a friendship is like. There is a lot of competition out there, so what do you do when you need help with a choice? You go to your friend.

Whatever your demographic is, whether that be the LGBT crowd, the millennial professional crowd, healthcare professionals or any others… make sure they like you, you tell your story, you SHOW how you are disrupting and making things better – publicizing goodwill is the key to that.