Has BP’s PR campaign failed to clean up its reputation?

a birdA bird covered with oil is rescued from the waters of Barataria Bay, after the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in June 2010. BP claims that no oil has flowed into the Gulf since it repaired the leak on 15 July. Photograph: Gerald Herbert/AP

No doubt, BP suffered a great PR calamity with the oil spill in the Gulf. This blog post has some heated discussion from several commentators – for BP and against BP.

One commentator said something which stood out as the remembered PR image of BP – the face of BP’s CEO: “I don’t think you can say BPs PR fell apart. I think Tony Hayward was an absolute calamity as a CEO and could not have done more damage if he had been deliberate. He came across as an arrogant Brit, who was annoyed that this “little event in a big ocean” was interfering with his holidays and sailing and life. No PR company in the world can save a company with someone like him at its head.”

Well, if the head public figure created a ton of animosity from the public sector, wouldn’t one say that the PR had failed?

Hayward surely exacerbated the situation, but he wasn’t the only issue in this fiasco.

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