(Picture from www.Boston.com The Big Picture)

Hello friends!

I know you all have heard about the devastation and aftermath of the recent earthquakes in Haiti.  Last Tuesday two of our church members who are volunteering in Haiti decided they’d like to open and orphanage there; by Thursday they had 50 orphans living in 8 tents being cared for by 2 teacher and 2 assistants. They now have 80 orphans and that number will soon be 200.

A friend’s dad is there in Haiti and has been helping at the orphanage.  He says despite their terrible circumstances, the kids are just wonderful, sweet loving kids who run up to him to shake his hand, receive a hug and give one in return and see if he had treats for them in his pockets.

Delphi Florida, an elementary and middle school here in Clearwater, is doing a drive to collect donations for the orphanage.  They need non-perishable food, childrens clothes (used is fine), school supplies (crayons, glue, pencils, etc), toys, and of course, money.

Please look around your house and see what you are willing to part with to help these kids.  Bring or send your donations to Delphi this week.  Everything must be dropped off or arrive by Friday and then it will be packed up and send to Haiti.

Delphi’s address is 1831 Drew Street, Clearwater, Fl 33765.  Their phone number is 727-447-6385.

Thanks!  And please forward this to your friends!