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Stellar Public Relations is important for every company. But there’s two kinds of PR and understanding the difference between the two can be the difference between escalating revenues or crashing revenues.

There is proactive PR and there is reactive PR.

Most PR firms utilize reactive PR. They react to the market, they react to trends, they react to their client’s needs, they react to media placement. What does this mean? It generally means they do what the media market environment will allow them to do. Instead of drilling into the rock to hit the “mother lode,” they walk around the edges hoping to find an opening.

At JOTO PR, we us proactive PR. Our aim is the “mother lode,” and we work tirelessly to get there.

We’re always drilling. Always creating goodwill for our clients. This storage of goodwill allow us to act intelligently and strategically so we’re always moving toward the core and (this is important) in the case of a crisis we got reserve in the tank so we can handle the crisis calmly and proactively, and even turn it to your advantage!

We affectionately call our brand of proactive PR “Anti-PR.” Why? Because it’s the exact opposite (anti) of the normal reactive PR that permeates the PR world. We get out in front of stories so that we can position you as a thought leader within your industry.

“Reactive” PR doesn’t do that. Reactive PR “waits for you to do something.” They wait for you to “win an award” or “build a new facility” so they can write a press release. New flash: the media doesn’t particularly care about such events. They crave stories that snatch their reader’s attention. Those are the kind of stories that we come up with and pitch, and that’s why we get you mega media placements relative to the average, asleep-at-the-wheel PR firm.

You need to be positioned as a “disruptor!”

In order to capture the public’s trust and attention, we help position you as a “disruptor.” Disruptors shake things up and do things that no one else does – offering solutions to problems that no one else has solved.

You must be proactive to break into markets as a disruptor – it requires more media coverage and a larger burden of proof – but the payoff is huge. The payoff for being authentic and different is, first, people sit-up and take notice of you and second, they trust you. Once you gain traction from so many media placements, people will want to do business with you.

ROI you deserve

We use proactive PR to grow your reputation as swiftly as possible, and to serve as insurance in the case that a crisis should arise. It’s only by getting out in front of the eight ball that’s going to ensure that you see the ROI results you want and deserve!

Proactive PR works toward the “mother lode” inch by inch until we hit it.

Ready to do your business a favor and give proactive PR a try? Anything but a PR strategy that takes charge isn’t going to give you the value you want and certainly not the results.

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Looking forward to hearing from you,

Karla Jo Helms

Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist
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