Facebook marketing is a powerful tool for any brand. But for local businesses, it can be extremely effective. Harnessing the power of local content on Facebook is a smart choice for businesses, as it can impact your engagement, your post views, and even your SEO.

Learn about all the benefits of localizing your Facebook content below.

Why Use Local Content on Facebook?

Local content helps you connect to your market. Engaging with your audience in an authentic way is important when it comes to social media marketing, and by making use of localized content, you can do this more effectively. Your followers will see content that is relevant to them, which is great for increasing engagement and starting a conversation.

Local content is likely to be shared. Having a post that your followers share is a content marketer’s dream, and local posts can set the sharing in motion. If you are posting about an interesting local event that your audience cares about, they will be likely to share it on their own page, increasing the views and engagement on your post in the process.

Local content on Facebook can help your SEO. Facebook is extremely well-indexed by Google, meaning that having active, local Facebook pages are great for your search engine rankings. Making sure that you have your location in the title of your Facebook page, that you are posting regularly, and using local content is a great way to give your SEO a boost.

Best Practices for Using Local Content on Facebook

Keep it light. Local news stations have a ton of great, heartwarming stories of people in the community making a difference. But unfortunately, there will also be quite a bit of political and criminal coverage as well. For what your brand shares, we recommend keeping it light and steering away from topics that are contentious in the community.

Keep it current. Local events and happenings around town will often be publicized close to the date that they are occurring, so make sure you are double- and triple-checking the dates of anything to avoid posting about something after it happens.

Keep it interesting. Everyone loves a good story, especially when it involves something in their community. Look for stories that are uplifting and engaging to share, or stories that impact your area directly so they will be engaging for users—and hopefully encourage sharing, too.

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