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What your company needs is good press. How do I know this? It’s what growth companies needs in today’s 24/7 news-social media environment.

Good press creates interest, trust and confidence in your business in ways that marketing can’t. Best of all, unlike advertising, it’s earned…meaning those that talk about your company are doing so because you have earned it You have created something so newsworthy—that tackles an industry or economic issue in an innovative way that you deserve to be talked about.

It all starts with a killer news release.

I’m Karla Jo Helms from the Anti-PR agency, JOTO PR. I recently sent you an email explaining the barebones basics of what it takes to write and place a killer news release that can catapult your business to the next level.

If you did not see this email, please contact us per our info below and we’ll resend it.

The four most important aspects of creating and publishing a killer news release are:

  1. Knowing how to write a news release with disruptive content that gets attention and will impact your audiences via their gatekeepers: the media.
  2. Knowing what media publications and influencers to send your news release to for maximum distribution and exposure.
  3. Creating relationships with media publications so, like a trusted colleague, they will help get your news release out there. (Yes, relationships are important.)
  4. Knowing what “triggers” cause a media publication to jump at the opportunity to publish your news release—or even interview you for more information.

Publications are starving for news releases that disrupt the news cycle. They want content that stands out in the endlessly noisy marketplace and talks to their audience(s). That’s what we deliver to media outlets at JOTO PR.

We disrupt the marketplace with our news releases. We utilize what we call Anti-PR techniques to get media attention. But in truth, news releases are only the start.

Our Anti-PR campaigns include:

  • A Strategic Communication Plan designed make your image and brand shine across many media outlets and social networks.
  • News Releases where you influence your prospective clientele by becoming a thought leader in your field.
  • Social Media PR & Marketing to create a strong word-of-mouth campaign for your business.
  • Smart Market Research to ensure we hit your target market with the exact message that will get them wanting to do business with your company.

All of the above amounts to creating great Anti-PR for your company and getting people talking about you in such a way that grows your bottom line.

I would love to help put your company on the fast track to exponential growth with killer news releases and more.

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