Know where your food comes fromI stumbled upon a great practical example of PR – the documentary Food Inc. ( Believe it or not – this is PR. It is educational PR done in a way to protest abuses/irresponsibilities of an industry, company or organization.

I got interested enough to Google some of the companies documented in this film. One company went so far to make a statement on their website that they were ‘not’ what Food Inc. said they were. Unfortunately for them, that statement only reinforced Food Inc.’s position in my mind. I decided to go a little further…to give them the benefit of the doubt so to speak. So, I Googled them again, but this time ‘in the news.’ What I found was that the majority of the links on the 1st page were negative publicity.

I got even more curious. So I Googled one of their current products ‘in the news’… guess what? Yep, more negative publicity on the 1st page – majority links again. Then I Googled one of their past products ‘in the news’ – majority links on the 1st page were negative publicity again. This was just a cursory check, mind you.

This “good hat, bad hat” PR war is a good lesson in the laws of PR. Food Inc. seemed to document while the others (at least one that I could see) only made statements, no documentation shown.

One thing for sure was the effect that the Food Inc. documentary had on me – I’ll never look at dinner the same way again…

And I like their message: Buy from companies that treat workers, animals and the environment with respect.

Comments anyone?