As it applies to a category of services, products, diagnostics, and software, femtech is the use of technology that focuses on women’s health. Included in this sector are the following:

  • Women’s sexual wellness
  • Nursing care
  • Pregnancy care
  • Period tracking app
  • Fertility solutions
  • … And reproductive system healthcare

Femtech is relatively new. The concept of a digital women’s health category was coined in 2016. It largely encompasses any standard or digital health tools aimed at women’s health, as an industry. This can include the following:

  • Hygiene products
  • Mobile apps
  • Internet connected medical services
  • Wearables and others

About the Femtech Industry

There is more than simply the creation of profitable products for women involved with femtech. It also relates to, in a way that is effective, innovating products that fill women’s needs. Ideally, women must be involved in the design for the process to be true unto itself.

Here is an example: wearable breast pumps. Within weeks of giving birth, women return to work in many countries. To continue feeding breast milk to their babies, this creates a major challenge. Thanks to silent, wearable breast pumps, however, women no longer have to hide in closets during the hours of employments and, additionally, have been untethered from electrical outlets. For many women, this was a game changer because it allowed them to pump breast milk while continuing their daily activities.

What is Public Relations’ Role in the Femtech Industry?

By 2025, an expected worth of $50 billion will likely apply to the global femtech market. The women’s health market is booming, from pelvic floor trainers to period tracking. Making women’s health a priority, the growth of female focused technology products is delivering better healthcare for women. It’s a space near and dear to many.

The expertise of a PR agency where integrated marketing communications and media relations are concerned helps femtech industries/companies make their mark in the world and stand out in a crowded market. A PR specialist will cut through the noise, enabling technology businesses to disassociate themselves from the competition. For all the right reasons, this helps to ensure that a company or business is not only noticed but remembered.

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Choose JoTo PR for Top-Notch Femtech Public Relations Solutions

At JoTo PR, we understand that the concept of feminine product technology may make some people uncomfortable. To make audiences more comfortable with your services or your product, we work diligently. In this manner, they will be eager to do business with you and try out your services or product. We’ll ensure that your company stands out from the rest. We never lose sight of the big picture and your company’s objectives.

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