FastCompany.com’s 10 Most Read Stories of 2009

Aw, man, remember that time you read that post about the Creepy Mute Button for the Real World? You’re still lusting over several of those 10 Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade. And not a day passes when you don’t thnk of at least three of the Seven (More) Reasons to Ditch Your iPhone.

FastCompany.comGood times.

You picked ’em and clicked ’em. Now we’re taking a stroll down memory lane–and the traffic stats we follow, obsess over, dream about several nights a week–to bring you the 10 most popular FastCompany.com items of 2009. They’re almost as fresh as they were the day you read ’em. Almost.

  1. Infographic of the Day: It’s a Small World, Afterall
  2. Daddy Givebucks: Lessons Learned When Warren Buffett Hands You $1 Billion
  3. Artist Turns Fast Food Trash into Delicate Paper Trees
  4. Top Jobs for 2009
  5. Creepy Mute Button for the Real World
  6. Seven (More) Reasons to Ditch Your iPhone
  7. The Simple, Secret iPhone Tethering Fix
  8. Ten Best Green Jobs for the Next Decade
  9. Would You Live in a Shipping Container?
  10. How Chris Hughes Helped Launch Facebook and the Barack Obama Campaign

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