Falls are the Leading Cause of Nonfatal Infant Injuries; Swabbies Offers Solution for Safer Diaper Changes

A simple diaper change can turn to tragedy when an infant falls from the changing table. Swabbies’ patented single-hand applicator is designed to help make diaper changing cleaner and safer for moms and babies.

(Dunnellon, FL) May 14, 2018—Falls account for more than 50% of all nonfatal injuries for children less than 1 year of age.1 Head injuries, fractures, sprains, contusions and bruises are some of the most common injuries children sustain from falls.2 Although diaper changes may seem simple, injuries sustained while doing so do factor into these startling statistics. Carman Campbell, CEO of Swabbies Technologies, Inc., says that attempting to keep a squirming baby safe while applying diaper rash cream during diaper changes was the primary inspiration for Swabbies patented single-hand applicator.

A baby’s diaper will be changed approximately 2,400 times between birth and his or her first birthday.3 Each diaper change is also an opportunity for disaster to strike, since it only takes one fleeting moment for a baby to roll or flip off of the changing table.3 Changing tables, beds, high chairs and other furniture top the list for the most common places from which children fall.2

Traditionally, parents and caregivers are fumbling with both hands to open a diaper cream container and distribute cream to the affected area, only to end up with gooey hands. Additionally, they must tend to a squirmy baby while attempting to complete their diapering mission. One of the riskiest moves a parent or caregiver can make while a baby is on the changing table is to step away—even if just for a quick second; there should always be at least one hand on the baby at all times during a diaper change.4

Before caregivers begin changing a baby’s diaper, they need to ensure that they have all the items they’ll need within reach—diaper, wipes, diaper rash cream, and even a clean outfit in case the mess is bigger than anticipated.4 Traditionally, two hands have been needed for the application of diaper cream, which increases the risk of the baby falling during the process. Single-hand products such as those employing a single-hand applicator make it possible to have one hand free to control the baby’s movements, while the other hand easily applies just the right amount of diaper cream to the affected area.

Swabbies provides a single-hand applicator with a uniquely formulated herbal diaper rash cream made from organic materials such as grape seed oil, olive oil and tea tree oil, as well as beeswax, shea butter and lavender. To promote rapid results, Swabbies also contains 40% zinc oxide.

As a mother of three herself, Campbell developed Swabbies out of necessity after desperately seeking a diaper rash cream that allowed her to have a free and clean hand while changing her baby’s diaper.

“That’s when I made it my mission to create safe, beneficial and effective baby care products that are simpler and safer for busy parents and caregivers to use,” said Carman.

Swabbies fulfills Campbell’s requirements, as it’s very easy to use the applicator with one hand and liberally apply the organic cream to a baby’s bottom. Even after this process is complete, both hands are clean, and the tube can simply be tossed into the trash along with the dirty diaper and wipes.

About Swabbies Technologies, Inc.

Carman Campbell, creator of Swabbies, is a mompreneur who found that necessity is truly the mother of invention. Wanting to have a free hand and a clean hand when applying diaper rash cream and changing her squirmy baby’s diaper was the inspiration behind the invention. Swabbies is a patented single-hand applicator with a specialized cream made from organic materials, and is assembled at a non-profit training center for disabled adults in Quincy, Florida. Swabbies’ mission is to make products that are easier and safer for busy parents and caregivers to use. For more information, visit www.swabbiescream.com.

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