Facebook Cover Photos: Where to Begin & What to Know

Facebook Cover Photos: Where to Begin & What to Know

Picking a Facebook cover photo is a difficult process because it’s likely one of the first introductions that users will have to your brand. It’s important to choose the perfect image that conveys your brand identity without being too busy or loud. Making sure you have the right size is crucial, as is thinking about how it will appear to your audience.

Here’s everything you need to know to get it right:

Size Guidelines for Facebook Cover Photos

Because cover photos will appear differently for users on desktop and mobile, make sure your Facebook cover photo is sized optimally so it looks good for every user across every device.

  • For desktop users, Facebook cover photos are 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall.
  • For mobile users, Facebook cover photos are 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall.

To ensure your cover photo works for both users, it’s best to make sure the bulk of your image is displayed in the box that complies with the mobile guidelines and then utilize the extra space on the desktop display for more background. The majority of Facebook users are searching on mobile so prioritize the view to be compatible to most users.

Style Guidelines for Facebook Cover Photos

Once you understand the sizing specifics, think about what your Facebook cover photo will actually be conveying. As a reminder, the cover photo is literally the first impression of your brand. No pressure, but you should definitely make it look polished and interesting so you stand out from the crowd.

Using something that flows well with your brand image so it looks authentic and organic on the page. Utilize the same fonts, color palette and overall feel as the rest of your branding materials to show users they’re in the right place and make sure everything looks aesthetically cohesive.

If you’re going to use text, make it right-aligned on the image (so as to not interfere with your profile photo) and spell things out simply. When it comes to the cover photo, use visuals to tell your story.

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