Experiencing Is Believing

JoTo PR Disruptors’ commentary on Forbes’ article: From Storytelling to VR ‘Storyliving’: Future Marketing Communications

In case you forgot, I love technology and its effect on the industry of communication.

The craze this year is surrounding VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality).

The different being that VR is virtual and AR is not. Both require the use of some hardware but where VR uses a screen attached to your face, AR puts images on top of what you’re already seeing. It’s fabulous stuff.

As we all know money talks, and investors are pushing heavy support in the form of dollars into VR and AR which does more than add credibility to this technology.

The tech alone is just that innovative and the possibilities are profound. Sightseeing across the globe, attending a music concert or maybe even seeing the planet from space without having to go through rigorous astronaut training.

But what does it have to do with the field of communication?

Google Zoo, Alphabet’s in-house creative think tank that helps brand and agencies theorizes that marketers will be able to use this technology to communicate to consumers in much more intimate ways.

“Seeing is believing” is the cliché that is paraded about but that will change to “Experiencing is believing.”

This is the case because this technology allowed for a much more multi-sensory experience than watching a video or looking a picture. It’s a little difficult to convey but when the VR headset is on and what you’re looking at is determined by where you turn your head there is a feeling of complete immersion. It’s the next closest thing to seeing it with your own two eyes in real time.

It changes the normally linear structure storyline to a much more varied approach that warrants multiple viewings.

Chances are you’ve already seen how 360-degree videos have made their way to Facebook and companies have started developing ways to immerse their audiences into their message. It’s powerful.

This is something I’m having my research team keep a close eye on as it’s bound to explode within the next few years.

The future is always so exciting.
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