Event ratings soar, and social media takes credit

“After years of dwindling ratings and increasingly fractured audiences, big event pop culture has made a comeback. Though there are particular reasons for each of these successes, one unifying theory is that social media networks are magnifying these audiences.

The Grammys drew 26 million viewers on CBS, up from 19 million in 2009. Not long after, the Golden Globes’ ratings went up 14 percent on NBC. The Super Bowl followed as the most-watched U.S. TV event of all time, drawing 106 million people to CBS. Most recently, the Olympics on NBC have consistently triumphed in the ratings; the opening ceremony drew 32.6 million viewers.”

I decided to share this story as social media is an integral part of any PR campaign today.

I blog, Facebook and Tweet at events as a standard action of what I do as a PR professional. Whether it is a press conference, a charity event or a speaking engagement I feel it is part of my job to get the word out during the event for my clients and I have seen a definite increase in reach as a result.

To read the full story in the San Francisco Chronicle, click here: article no longer available

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