ePlanet: Adoption of Cutting Edge Technology Vital for Marketing Success

New marketing technologies, such as virtual reality, help companies stay ahead of the curve. ePlanet’s Asad Khan offers advice on developing a winning marketing strategy.

(Salt Lake City, UT) April 24, 2017—In the modern world, marketers are learning to quickly adapt new technologies to reach their audiences. While marketing with social media platforms may once have been considered experimental, a 2015 survey by MarketingSherpa found that 95% of adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking.1 In 2016, marketing automation created a huge buzz: 90% of respondents to a study conducted by Gleanster reported regular and periodic use of marketing automation for large-volume email campaigns.2 Marketing experts believe that virtual reality will be the technology that dominates the digital marketing landscape in the foreseeable future.3

Companies that adopt the latest technology to market their products may find themselves leaps and bounds ahead of their competition. In fact, early technology adopters have historically been tied to better performance. For example, while Blockbuster was able to quickly transition from VHS to DVD, they failed to acclimate to the streaming video-on-demand trend.4 In contrast, Blockbuster’s competitor, Netflix, was an early adopter of streaming technology, which facilitated the company’s rise to television dominance. Netflix is currently available in 130 countries (as of January, 2016) with a penetration estimated to be close to 50% in the U.S.5

“Today’s marketing world is all about being agile,” says Asad Khan, founder of ePlanet, a global business process outsourcing provider. “Businesses must utilize the latest technology to adapt and respond quickly to changing customer preferences, business goals and market conditions.”

Businesses—both large and small—that are still employing outdated technology may soon find themselves rapidly losing ground. “The terrific speed at which technology is currently evolving means that becoming an early adopter may be the difference between stagnation and exponential growth,” Khan added.

Virtual reality is quickly becoming a marketing tool that drives consumer interest and offers marketers a new platform to showcase products. By 2022, virtual reality is expected to grow into a $33.90 billion industry.6 Virtual reality offers businesses the opportunity to provide an engaging end user experience while positioning themselves as cutting edge innovators. In a survey conducted by Greenlight Insights, 62% of consumers said they would feel more engaged with a brand that sponsors a virtual reality experience, and 71% of consumers think a brand is forward-thinking if it uses virtual reality.7 According to a report in The Motley Fool, nearly 1.3 million people already subscribe to the YouTube 360

channel; a Google channel that is promoting interest in virtual reality among mainstream viewers by offering panoramic 360-degree videos.8

Although enthusiasm for virtual reality abounds, it’s still a technology in its infancy without a clearly articulated strategy for deployment. Hiring a digital marketing firm that has already experimented with what succeeds and what does not may be the best bet for most businesses.

When looking for an agency to create a virtual reality campaign, it may be a good idea to look for a provider with experience in the company’s specific business vertical (or one that is closely related).9 The virtual reality agency should be able to provide a proof of concept (POF) app which provides a sample of what they can do, for a nominal fee.9 The focus of the creative process should be compelling content (telling the story of a product’s brand) rather than the actual technology used to deliver the content.9 Finally, the virtual reality provider should also have an ongoing process in place for training, adoption and analytics support.9

About ePlanet Communications:

ePlanet Communications is a global business process outsourcing provider with extensive experience in call center operations, digital media solutions, and direct response solutions. By using its integrated channel management capabilities and highly-trained staff, ePlanet develops and deploys inbound and outbound customer support fully integrated with its clients’ marketing campaigns. Digital media solutions include website design, digital franchising, fully functioning eCommerce operations, and the creation of interactive, immersive and responsive social media campaigns across different platforms. ePlanet is also highly experienced in the area of direct response trial, consistently delivering improved customer satisfaction, increased customer retention, and better order value. To learn more about ePlanet and its capabilities, please visit http://www.eplanetcom.com.

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