Epi-Petitionary Part 2

EpiPen maker accused of gouging more helpless folks over life-saving medicine.

You might have recalled one of our previous emails talking about EpiPen charging exuberant prices for their asthma medicine. (If you haven’t, what are you waiting for? Sign up here)

Well the story deepened and only got worse. Here is our commentary on Biz Women Journal’s story: Health: EpiPen maker accused of overcharging for asthma drug

Mylan and Sun Pharmaceutical Industries were named in a class-action racketeering lawsuit for skyrocketing their price for the EpiPen. The price shot from $57 to $600 since 2007.1 Disgusting.

It goes without saying that this is a pretty terrible situation to be in and is near unsalvageable in PR terms. For example, The CEO was collecting a $18 million salary while this was happening!

What I am here to talk about is once again watching your industry closely. When things like this break, they have been festering for some time beforehand. This price hike started in 2007, which was 10 years ago. There were plenty of opportunities to jump on this and do something about it.

Some of our clients have taken this type of opportunity talk about the responsibility companies have in regards to life-saving medicine and healthcare in general.

There are always little pockets of information that travel up and down the grapevine that can turn into the industry’s next blow-up story. Trust me, you want to be on the right side of the conversation when it does. Leave no stone unturned when researching your own industry and finding what can be talked about. That is exactly what our PR team here at JoTo PR does. The Creatives here are scouring the news looking for the content that isn’t being talked about yet for our clients so that they are on the right side of the conversation at the right time. This is how you cause PR Disruption. You find the nuggets of info that have the potential to explode into something huge, then claim it as your own. That disruption leads to key leadership on the subject. That = power. Caveat: it has to be done right.

Start looking!

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