The entire world is in the grips of COVID-19. With both external and internal stakeholders, a surefire method of how to approach communication at the corporate level is causing companies concern and confusion. Two simple questions have all but stopped the business world from turning:

  • How do we stay safe?
  • What do we do now?

What’s going to be key during this coronavirus crisis is, among other things, empathetic communication. You may have reservations about stepping up to the plate but step up you must. An experienced, knowledgeable PR specialist can help you take that leap. You must communicate with employees, business partners, suppliers, investors, and customers – on a corporate level – to demonstrate strong leadership, show responsiveness, and exhibit empathy.

Let’s look at ways to confront external audiences with empathetic communication.

Feedback Response

Particularly during times of stress, asking for feedback and responding to it are equally important. You need to respond when shared concerns by employees are expressed. Companies need to show what they do with received feedback to keep a healthy dialogue going and demonstrate how the business is informed by it.

Go the Extra Mile With Communication

Is it possible to over communicate? In times such as those presented by the coronavirus, probably not. Regarding any potential impacts, employees should be informed through ongoing updates. Let them know what you’re doing, proactively. Make sure all staff members understand that their health is your top priority. If you have a sizable contractor workforce, in a timely manner, make sure you’re also communicating with them.

Sharing Is Caring

Your employees have many concerns revolving around COVID-19 and its overall effects. Make sure your employees have an opportunity to share those concerns. Without being punitive, wherever possible, provide remote working situations for your employees.

Some companies have been insisting that, in order for employees to self-quarantine, they should use their vacation days. That’s a disaster waiting to happen. All that does is encourage the spread of the virus because it will stop some people from taking preventative action.

You will, on the other hand, have employees that are motivated and loyal if they feel that their health is being prioritized and they are being respected. This is empathy at its best. Right now, that kind of empathy Is as important as it ever was – more so, in fact.

A PR Company With Their Finger on the Pulse of the Industry

Unfortunately, in many respects, the public relations industry has lost touch with reality. During times like these – with the coronavirus plaguing businesses all over the world – that out-of-touch way of thinking can be catastrophic. At JoTo PR, we not only have a clear picture of present-day needs, we use that in-depth knowledge to create results. Our methods are honest, exceptional, and groundbreaking. No smoke and mirrors – just something we like to refer to as “Anti-PR”.

Your past accomplishments are something to be applauded. Unfortunately, particularly in a time of crisis, you can’t simply excel in the business world by relying on good things that have happened in the past. Let us tell your story in the most positive light. We can help you control the force of public opinion.

To find out how we can help your company be all that it can be, contact us today.