Particularly during the latest pandemic – COVID-19 – the leaders who have excelled were those who practiced effective communications with frequency, truth, and empathy. Though business management and marketing depend on numerous factors, our advice during this latest health crisis remains the same as it would be during more “normal” times – communicate with your public and staff!

But successful exchanges with current and prospective clients, and your employees, depends on a number of factors. Below, we are going to explore those factors to help define how, through effective communications, you can improve and highlight your leadership.

Frequent Communications Are Needed

Is it possible to over-communicate? No, it is not. With your employees, you must continuously increase your touch points. Be accessible and visible at all times. If your company is practicing social distancing, do this in whatever manner keeps everyone safe and healthy. Videoconferencing is currently an exceptedmethod of keeping everyone in touch, connected, and informed.

Always Be Truthful

It’s important to speak the truth, even if that truth is currently uncertain or frightening. Particularly now, this is a time for leadership. But at the same time, use gentle motivation. When there are no untruths in the news you are conveying, it will be better accepted by all parties concerned. Some decisions may not be as well received as others, so be sure to convey the reasons behind the decisions you’re making.

Practice Empathy to Promote Trust and Reduce Fear

Your employees, particularly during this pandemic, are likely fearful of the future, as well as the current climate. Let them know the topics that concern them most, right now, are the same topics you’re thinking about. Acknowledge your feelings of uncertainty. To gain and maintain trust with your team, speak from the heart. It goes a long way toward promoting your sense of empathy and building a trustworthy company culture.

What Will the Future Bring?

Though the coronavirus has already lasted several months, it could span many more. Through frequent, truthful, and empathetic communication, you can take your relationships to the next level. You may not have all the answers, but that’s all right. Through the current situation and in the future, your employees (and your clients) may be looking for guidance. Focus on the following to keep your employees connected and your business intact.

The Big Picture

A new reality currently exists and will continue to do so. You must define that reality as well as face it. Make sure that some of your focus is on what will happen in the future, looking beyond the crisis that currently exists.

“Never waste a good crisis!” That Winston Churchill quote tells us that now is the time to consider where you want your business to be in the future and take the time, today, to rethink what matters most.

Shine in This Uncertain Time

Before you address employees, you may be tempted to make sure you have all the answers. Unfortunately, that’s simply not possible. You must be realistic, particularly now. Show that you are in control, but you are being sensible and reasonable. Never be unclear and be sure to appear certain and confident.

Communication and Caring

Instead of emphasizing hours, right now, concentrate more on outcomes. Rather than checking in to see what your employees are doing, communicate with them as to how they are doing. Make sure that your deliverables and goals are clearly communicated while giving grace on when and how everything gets done.

A PR Company That Understands the Value of Communication

At JoTo PR Disruptors, we believe that effective communications allow for a better ROI (return on investment) for marketing dollars spent and a more cohesive staff.

As your PR company, we concentrate on getting your audience more interested in pursuing a business relationship with you and your company, as well as making them more comfortable with you and your staff. By clearly communicating what you have to offer and the positive characteristics of your business, we help your company be all that it can be, and more. For more information regarding effective communications and stand out marketing, contact us today. Regardless of your goals, we can help you not only achieve but exceed them. Don’t wait another moment to boost your sales and your business beyond your current projections and expectations.