Educating with Publicity & PR: The deadly epidemic of prescription drug abuse

prescription-drug-abuse-us-articlePrescription drugs have maintained a tight hold on the American public recently, with overdose deaths steadily rising. But by implementing preventative Publicity & PR techniques by educating the public, healthcare practitioners can help stop this epidemic in its tracks.

The Rx drug epidemic is having a profound effect on the American public –  these prescription medications are causing a record number of overdose deaths, particularly among women, who accounted for 40% of prescription drug-induced deaths in 2010 (1). Here at JoTo PR, the growth of substance abuse helped us realized the importance of educating the public on this dangerous trend and recently advised the media of the issue, as well as what effective treatments were available to those in need.

In a new CNBC article, longtime JoTo client, Novus Medical Detox, reported that the source of the increased number of addicted individuals is hard to pinpoint, but greater access to prescription drugs, as well as people underestimating the addictive qualities of the medication, are both contributing factors.

Florida is a haven for prescription drug abuse – it is the “birthplace of the pill mill” and notable for its drug-ridden counties. As a Florida PR firm with a primary focus on the healthcare industry, we believe that education via the media is key to helping the public know about issues that will have an impact on their lives and communities. Healthcare practitioners need to prepare themselves for a more education public and start to take proactive actions to start being more responsible in dishing out prescriptions. Prevention is your best Crisis Management PR campaign and should align with the following basic steps:

  1. Anticipate the crisis before it happens.
  2. Acquire a crisis management team
  3. Identify, assess and carry out the best avenue for recovery

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