If you’ve ever wondered how some companies manage to get all the good press – and lots of it – then I need to talk to you. Because if you also think that it’s a matter of good luck and chest pounding that gets that kind of exposure…

Then you are dead wrong.

The media exposure and reputation they gained was earned through Newsworthy stories.

And just how are these stories created? Well, that’s what I wanted to talk to you about.

I want to teach you how to craft newsworthy press releases – hands-on coaching included.

I’ve put all I know about press releases – all the things I’ve learned from publishing literally thousands of press releases in top media outlets – into one free, 3-lesson course.

This is a For Real, no BS masterclass that walks you through the entire process of developing a news story that builds reputation and generates new business.

We’ll teach news-savvy leaders like you the essential techniques to:

  • Craft Newsworthy headlines that leave your audience no choice but to learn more.
  • Inspire Action by showcasing disruption and taking advantage of controversies.
  • Use Impactful writing that ties stories to you and your company.

Sure, you don’t have to give me a dime for this course – but there’s definitely a catch:

In order get our guidance, you’ll need to complete each course module – that means I’m going to need your dedication, so we make the best use our mutual time together.

With your commitment, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a professional news editor to help get your stories published.

At the end of this course and with our hands-on help, you’ll not only have a Newsworthy, Disruptive, and Impactful Press Release, but an invaluable new skill as well.

I’ll say it again: Press Releases improve your reputation and get you new clients.

To accomplish that, you need to get your newsworthy stories to the media – and we can make that happen.

Looking forward to helping you spread your message!

Karla Jo | 888-919-4034

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