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At JoTo PR, we take pride in two important points that relate to your business success.

The first is that we are an “Anti-PR” company which leads naturally to the second point — we get results for our clients.

What does “Anti-PR” mean? It means we do the opposite actions that conventional PR firms do. For you to achieve PR success in today’s internet world, it’s important that you take an “Anti-PR” route. Below, I give steps on how you can avoid the traditional PR trap, and then how you can succeed with Anti-PR.

As you know, most PR firms today are not known for giving you good ROI. If they get you any ROI at all, it’s hard to quantify and you’re not sure exactly where the return for your money is coming from. It’s all so nebulous.

Not so with the Anti-PR we practice at JoTo PR. In fact, the words “Anti-PR” and JoTo PR are synonymous.  We track your revenue alongside our media placements so that you know exactly what led to increased exposure or sales. You see that every dollar you’re spending is working as hard as it can.

My hope is that you use the following information to help grow your business.

  • The focus should be on you. Most PR firms, especially the older ones, are focused on themselves and on flashing their “Rolls-Royce reputation” and big, shiny name. Anti-PR is focused on you, the client, on promoting your At JoTo PR we only concentrate on ourselves to the extent that we tell you how we achieve that.
  • Anti-PR is responsible. Most conventional PR firms are institutional and impersonal. They’re about boosting their own image with a façade of meaningless business bureaucracy and name-dropping. rather than focusing the people that make it work. At JoTo PR, we communicate person to person. As an Anti-PR company our leader is a person who cares and demands results at every turn—me—a passionate CEO (Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist).
  • Anti-PR means no excuses! Status-quo PR firms over-promise and under-deliver. When you call them to the carpet for poor results, they’ll tell you, “we’re trying.” Or they’ll put the onus back on you by saying that “they didn’t get enough information.” Worse yet, they’ll fully undermine your confidence in PR itself, saying that there are “just no guarantees.” At JoTo PR, we bypass the excuses and simply use our tired and proven formula for PR ROI. If you’re not seeing results, we’re not satisfied.
  • No outdated techniques. Status-quo PR firms are using outdated techniques that might have been effective 40 or 50 years ago but don’t work today. Think how much our media climate has changed! JoTo PR uses hard-hitting techniques developed from the crisis-management side of our field. Our proprietary PR techniques gets the media to work for you!
  • Proactive PR. Average PR is reactive whereas JoTo “Anti-PR” is proactive. We’re not “waiting for you to do something.” Instead, we’re constantly positioning you as a thought leader and a senior problem solver for the issues in your industry. And we deliver stories that the media can’t wait to run!
  • Consistency is key. Our strategy is not just the one “big-fish hit,” but constant hits in media outlets at all levels to make sure that your name is always out there. We’re not a “one-hit wonder” PR firm, we’re firing on all cylinders so that you’re always getting the coverage you need to generate ROI.

Why do we hate conventional PR? The short answer: we’ve talked to too many CEO’s and worked with so many clients who have been burned by status quo, conventional PR.. That’s why we’re the “Anti-PR” Machine. And until the rest of the PR industry reinvents itself and realizes that it’s letting businesses down (big time!), that’s what we’ll have to be.

In today’s internet world, businesses need effective PR to make their marketing dollars work for them. PR isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Free consultation

If want to know what great PR can do for you, or you want an objective look at what your current PR is and isn’t doing for you, I encourage you to schedule a free, 30-minute “Anti-PR” Consultation with us. We’ll use real, substantive info about your business to give you the PR lay of the land. There’s no obligation. There’s nothing to lose and a lot of publicity to gain for your company!

We are always available at 888.202.4614 or send us an email. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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Karla Jo Helms

Chief Evangelist and Anti-PR Strategist
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