A written, well-defined blog content strategy – this is what separates truly great blogs from good ones. With a written blog strategy, your chances of success pretty much double.

Companies relying solely on verbal content strategies have about 32% effectiveness. However, approximately 60% of organizations are more effective thanks to a written content strategy.

If you want to see true results, it is necessary to have a defined, well-written blog content strategy. Naturally, your chances of success increase with a written plan. But there’s more. The right, written out, well-defined strategy means that valuable time isn’t going to be spent on promoting the wrong strategies, working with wrong influencers, and writing about wrong topics. This is pretty simple: right versus wrong.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy more blogging success, drive more traffic, and save time? For a great blog content strategy, there are five steps to follow.

Build Incredible Content

Once you have your keywords (see below) and your calendar has been created (also below), you will know for whom it is you will be content building. Why use the term “building” instead of “writing”? Great content is assembled – not simply written.

The Creation of a Content Calendar

A content calendar will help you create a system to ensure top-notch content that is published in a timely manner and will allow you to track your content. To make things easy and organized, some calendars have email marketing info and social sharing incorporated into them.

Determine Target Keywords and Topic Ideas

Though they should never prevent you from writing about an awesome topic, do try to consistently use target keywords.

To come up with new ideas, keyword research is a good method. But your whole content strategy should not be driven by SEO. For the best possible content, you may decide to combine your target market knowledge with specific keyword research.

To find good keywords, follow these steps:

  • Decide, for ranking purposes, what keywords you want to use.
  • Work on obtaining article backlinks using, as anchor text, your main keywords.
  • Depending on the length of an article, your keyword should be mentioned 3 to 7 times.

Target Market Research

To accomplish target market research, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Where, online, does my audience hang out (social media sites)?
  • Where and what, at work, is the biggest complaint of my audience?
  • With my audience, what sort of articles or content to they seem to enjoy most?

Now you have a better idea for whom you are writing.

Create a Definition of Your Goals

Goal setting is possibly the most important aspect here. To push you through all the other steps, all the obstacles that are going to rear their ugly heads, and all the hours of writing, you must have a clearly defined goal.

You are bound to have more success, the stronger your goal is.

Wrap Up

The following three questions should be answered with a good blog content strategy:

  • What content is needed?
  • Why, in the first place, are we making content?
  • To accomplish our goals, how do we use that content?

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