“Disruptive Innovators Changing Markets in a Post-Covid Economy” 

Quarantined Press Conference 


The Threat to Our National Supply Chain 

Thursday, February 25th  

2-3pm EST 

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The commercial truck driving industry is experiencing a severe shortage of drivers— a problem that has persisted for 15 years recently exacerbated by COVID-19.  

New drivers are sorely needed to make up for the shortage. Many current drivers are nearing retirement and will be replacingHowever, long-time training techniques using real equipment aren’t enough to get all these need drivers trained and on the road. 

The industry is also contending with pervasive myths and misconceptions about the profession and is sorely uninformed about alternative yet effective training methods. In the meantime: 

  • Shippingtransportation and eCommerce companies are in need of 90,000 new drivers and rising. 
  • Women and millennials are not aware of new high-tech career opportunities in commercial trucking. 
  • Autonomous fleets are on our horizon— and who will be “driving” those? 


The advent of autonomous (i.e. “driverless”) vehicles is giving the impression to would be students that human drivers will be rendered obsolete, but human drivers are actually unreplaceable as computers cannot adapt to the hundreds of unique driving situations they may encounter en route to their destinations. 


What Disruption is Happening Now tChange These Industries for Good?  

Advanced Training Systems John Kearney will take a deep drive into the limitations of training on actual equipment and how his company’s state-of-the-art driving simulators can better train and prepare drivers for the many possible situations they may encounter in the real world.  

Such a method is ultimately more cost-effective, safer for students and equipment, and results in more competent drivers.   

Simulators ultimately allow for more drivers to be trained in the same time it takes with other methods, helping to alleviate the current driver shortage. 

Your business relies on a strong supply chain – that’s why you need to attend JOTO PR Disruptors’ next “Disruptive Innovators Changing Markets in a Post-COVID Economy” Quarantined Press Conference streaming LIVE on Thursday, February 25th from 2pm – 3pm EST 


The Media will also in attendance, and we’ll be asking the questions that address the issues and solutions: 


  1. What in commercial trucking industry or training truck drivers something that “everybody knows to be true, but is actually B.S. 
  1. What industry trends did you see in 2020 and what do you expect in 2021? 
  1. Based on these current and future trends is the industry catching up or still falling behind? 
  1. What are the advantages of simulator technology over traditional training methods?  
  1. What is going on in the trucking industry and others that is causing more interest in simulator technology 
  1. Can you describe your training simulators and your training techniques? How is this changing that myth surrounding this technology? 
  1. During February 2020, Women in Trucking Association declared Kellylynn McLaughin a Driving Ambassador, what kind of feedback did Kellylynn give you about the use of your simulator while she toured the country?  
  1. How are women changing the industry? 
  1. How did COVID change the industry? 
  1. Like any simulator can we expect to see ATS come out with newer versions of this technology? 
  1. What other technologies are in use now that you are finding effective? 
  1. What new technologies are on the horizon you think will improve driver training? 




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VR Simulation expertJohn Kearney, from Advanced Training Systems will be joining me, Karla Jo Helms of 

JOTO PR Disruptors, for our  

“Disruptive Innovators Changing Markets in a Post-COVID Economy” 

Quarantined Press Conference 

Thursday, February 25th 

2-3pm EST 



John Kearney has spent over 30 years in the driver training field. As an industry leader his experience includes the operation of multiple schools throughout the United States for truck driver training where the need and application for the use of simulation as a training tool was obvious. Over 100,000 students have benefited from training within the scope of the companies. 

John is the founder and CEO of the most advanced truck driver training simulator company in America, Advanced Training Systems (ATS). 

He has been an expert in the field of training and simulation for over 30 years. His list of accomplishments as a leader in the business world includes operations in many countries throughout the world.  His experience, and leadership is now directed to improving the lives of thousands of drivers with ATS’s innovative driver simulator training His company believes in offering a superior product at a price that brings stellar ROI. This is the basic philosophy that has driven John in all his endeavors through the years and, at present, his management of ATS. 


About Advanced Training SystemsAdvanced Training Systems is a technology and engineering firm that has revolutionized the design and manufacture of high-tech simulator systems to improve training for operators of all types of motor-powered vehicles. ATS, the holder of multiple patents in its field, is dedicated to providing cutting-edge adaptive training at an affordable cost to all involved in the transportation industry, resulting in more qualified drivers/operators and safer streets. For more information, visit www.atstrainingsystems.com. 



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