Cultural phenomena: Millennials Feel the Power of Entrepreneurial-ship, Technology Paves the Way

Millennial-JumptapAs the most connected and technologically equipped generation in human history, millennials are using today’s tools of communication, collaboration and mobility to become entrepreneurs with little or no startup capital. (1)

New data from a recent survey shows that millennials (those born between approximately 1982 and 2000) are undergoing a significant career shift today, trending away from the traditional process of applying for jobs and waiting for interview requests and toward entrepreneurship.

Taking advantage of the ability to start a business with cost-effective cloud-based and mobile tools, millennials have realized what the founders of JoTo PR have known from JoTo’s inception: a technology-based future is the key to fruition. As a Tampa Bay PR firm founded on innovative business practices, JoTo PR uses technology automation as the new foundation of PR.  By utilizing automation in workflow processes, businesses are better able to keep the ratio of supporting staff to creative staff in better alignment, and still allow an increase in clients without excessive overhead.


As digital communication became more prevalent in the communications industry, JoTo recognized that the primary means of making an impact with a sound PR strategy should be coupled with technology-based management.  JoTo has instituted technology in its business model from the start, using cloud-based software services, statistical campaign analytics and automated work-flow processes to track the effectiveness of PR campaigns—a combination which leads to a tangible ROI for businesses, a sizable feat in today’s questionable economy.  Though traditional PR tactics will never become outdated, clients in today’s economy favor a more modernized approach that provides tangible results to their bottom line from their PR.

And think about it: the amount of time spent on administrative duties would be mind-blowing if calculated out.  By automating the clerical tasks that a PR pro does several times daily, that practitioner can then spend more time on the creative aspects of client’s campaigns, thereby ensuring that results are obtained.  Through this process, JoTo has been able to increase profit and lower expenses while taking on more clients.

In addition to automating PR processes, managing client campaigns by hardcore statistics enables JoTo PR to pinpoint the dos and don’ts of specific industry campaigns, encouraging more effective results and consequently more business for clients.

Since the Great Recession dismantled the American economy, the PR industry has seen major shifts in the way firms can interact with consumers and there have also been massive changes in what clients expect from agencies. JoTo is one of few Florida PR firms that also incorporates comprehensive marketing research to streamline its business practices in order to provide much-needed background information for client campaigns.  That information is used to determine how consumer interactions have changed in certain industries—and is then incorporated into PR campaigns for higher media pick up.  JoTo’s market research team has been aggregating data for companies in the healthcare, finance, and technology industries for over 20 years.

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1.    “Understanding Millennials: New Study Uncovers the Work Habits of Gen Y-ers.” The Bulldog Reporter, 23 Sept. 2013. Web. 4 Nov. 2013.

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