Either through a hired PR company or as a result of an online search, crisis management tips are easy to come by. However, during this unprecedented time of the coronavirus, all bets are off. Everything has changed! That includes the trajectory of remote work, telemedicine, e-commerce, and much more.

In, and through, these unsettling times, how can small business owners hope to cope?

At any level, crises are disruptive. During the COVID-19 pandemic, and other times of disruption, a couple of points are very crucial. They are:

  • Preparing for a postcrisis world which, compared to the world we live in today, will likely look drastically different.
  • To emerge with minimal damage, intelligently navigating the immediate risks posed by the crisis.

But crises also offer a unique opportunity. By helping family, the community, partners, and customers deal with the crisis, a business is presented the chance to earn credibility and trust. How will you handle the coronavirus crisis? Will you come out on top or join the ranks of devastated businesses? It’s all up to you!

Here, we’ve assembled a handful of tips for small businesses as to how to deal with the effects of the COVID-19 crisis.

Employee Hours

If possible, you may consider reducing employee hours in an effort to display your empathy. You may have already reduced hours due to the need for cutbacks. Hopefully, you’ve been able to stay open, unlike some businesses. Show your employees you care by giving them the time off they need to spend time with their families and personally deal with this crisis.

Personal Protective Gear

Gloves, masks, sanitizer, etc. should be provided and worn during all business hours. Particularly if your staff deals face-to-face with the public, the wearing of personal protective gear is an absolute must – not to mention simply wearing it around the office, at the plant, etc. Also, remember social distancing.

Offer Discounts

So many individuals are hurting financially during this pandemic that it’s a win-win situation to offer discounts whenever possible. You win, because your consumers win!

Talk to Your Vendors

To confirm supply continuity, make sure you reach out to your venders. They may be facing a crisis as well. On the other hand, if they’re doing just fine and you’re struggling, they may be inclined to agree to deferred payments – at least for the time being.

Also Talk to Your Lenders

If you’re suffering through the coronavirus and have been financially affected, your lenders may agree to extended credit lines or deferred payments. It’s a little bit easier for small businesses to have these conversations with their lenders considering the relief programs announced by some state and federal agencies.

Providing Normalcy

Whether it’s “normal” as we once knew it or a new normal, as much as you can, give your staff and consumers the normalcy they crave whenever possible. There has been a serious disruption in the routines of many. Do what you can to make those disruptions easier.

Reassure… Then Reassure Again

In your social media presence and online, spread an optimistic message. “We’ll get through this as a community!” Be sure to also do everything in your power to maintain a clean environment by taking extra precautions in the workplace. Get everyone to work together in the effort.

Knowing How to Handle the Effects of a Crisis Saves Businesses

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