COVID-19 Social Media – What Are You Communicating?

COVID-19 Social Media – What Are You Communicating?

COVID-19-related information is flooding SOCIAL MEDIA at an incredible rate. No one person can follow it all. But you’re a part of that flood, and that’s a good thing. There’s a lot of content to sift through, but customers and business partners narrowing their focus when looking to you for answers. So, before you share information from other sources, answer these questions.

Is the information you intend to share:

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We’re all living and working in stressful times, and we all need positive news and information on measurable progress to keep us going. But we also have a responsibility to root them in real, accurate data from reliable sources. That reliable source can be you. Are you sitting on useful information? Have you created solutions to help in this crisis? Then we can get you in front of the people who’ll share them with your audience.

We’ll be monitoring the COVID-19 situation and continue to ensure your excellent reputation is maintained, and even strengthened. But above all, get helpful news out to the millions wanting it.

A reminder – the media is talking to me because they want to talk to you. Talk to us.

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