COVID-19 Social Media Help: Thinking Outside Your Comfort Zone

COVID-19 Social Media Help: Thinking Outside Your Comfort Zone

COVID-19 has made us all rewrite, if not throw out, our respective business rulebooks and start from scratch. SOCIAL MEDIA has been no exception. What were considered good social media practices just a few short weeks ago are sorely inadequate to handle the current crisis. Right now, there’s A LOT negativity being shared on all the platforms. To cut through the onslaught, you’re going to have to use your social media platforms in ways you never intended, or even shield away from, to get your messages of hope and help to the people who need them.

3 Things You Should Do in the Time of COVID-19:

A little levity and ingenuity for you—don’t lose your sense of humor: Speaking of comfort zones, Lucky Devil Lounge, a gentlemen’s club in Portland, Oregon, has pivoted to a completely new business model. The dancers’ workplace may be shut down (they work for tips), but they aren’t. Enter Boober Eats, a food delivery service with a side of…you guessed it. They’ve solved their income problem by literally stepping outside their comfort zone, and it gets chilly in Portland. And by the way, pasties are sold out, sorry. (2.4 million views on their YouTube video.)

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If there’s any good to come out of our collective COVID-19 experience, it’s proving that we can all come together and help people in our own ways. And sometimes that means stepping out of our comfort zones. And putting yourself out there in ways you never thought you had the wherewithal to do. In times of crisis, we often discover aspects of ourselves we never thought we had. What I’m saying is – grab the pasties, er, mic – it’s go time.

Like you, we’ll be monitoring the COVID-19 crisis and continue to ensure your excellent reputation is maintained, and even strengthened. But above all, get helpful news out to millions who need it.

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