COVID-19 Puts SMEs Front and Center—What can you do?

COVID-19 Puts SMEs Front and Center—What can you do?

My inbox is being bombarded! Almost every email I’ve received in recent weeks has COVID-19 in the subject line – and it’s only getting more crowded hour by hour. Why? Journalists from just about every media outlet (ABC, FOX, The New York Times, etc.) are now starved for your expert opinions, advice and sober solutions to the COVID-19 crisis.

That’s why I’m turning to you, our respected experts and thought leaders…

How are you contributing to the fight against our common viral enemy, COVID-19?

Things are changing by the minute, and we need you to be agile in this evolving crisis – make yourself available 24/7 to respond with sourced data, expert opinion and most important – sober solutions.

If you can help – let’s spread the word

As Anti-PR Strategist of JOTO PR Disruptors, I can’t stress how important it is at this time that you communicate more than you ever have before on these matters, and be ready to respond to the minute-to-minute news cycle immediately. Some of what the media wants to know from:

Doctors and Healthcare – you can address:

  • If takeout food is safe during the outbreak
  • How to talk to elderly loved ones about COVID-19
  • How to choose a hospital/care facility in metropolitan areas

Finance Experts – you can comment on:

  • The need to find an apartment during a pandemic

IT Professionals – your tips on:

  • Cybersecurity and working from home
  • Steps to take if you had a data breach
  • The best software for a remote workforce

And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

Your input is so vitally important right now.

In times of crisis—Communication is always better than silence. If you have expertise to lend, your voice is needed now more than ever before.

Distrust among the public is rising across the board. 50% of people do not believe mainstream institutions to do what’s right. HOWEVER, there are voices across the business spectrum that are considered credible. They are health and technical expertsfinancial industry veterans and analysts and successful entrepreneurs.

People expect voices of authority to lead. 64% agree that CEOs and Leaders should take the lead on change rather than wait for the government to impose it.

If you and your company are helping work toward resolving this crisis, the media is hungry for your story. Talk to us to make your voice heard by the world.

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