COVID-19 MEDIA UPDATE: You Have Ways to Help?

The news outlets are practically kicking down the door for experts to comment on stories, interviews and more. As Anti-PR Strategist of JOTO PR Disruptors, I can tell you that your opportunity to be seen, heard and read on media outlets in both industry-specific and popular consumer outlets has never been this big. And yes, it IS an opportunity. 

But it also is a responsibility to get your message out to millions who need help, who need to know there ARE solutions for what they are looking for. This is the ONLY reason we do what we do—the financial impact for our clients is the other reason.

Here are what Journalists asked for last week—and only part of what we are working on:

Business leaders – give commentary on:

  • Examples of small business owners who are doing right by their customers during the COVID19 crisis
  • You have a legitimate product or service that can help during this crisis
  • Where women can find resources to meet their basic financial needs
  • How leaders can adjust their long term investment strategy to account for these market fluctuations

Healthcare Experts – give data on:

  • Doctors, and public health experts to quote in a list of reasons why it’s important and beneficial not to panic about the coronavirus and COVID-19.
    • These tips could involve myths/facts about the disease and its trajectory, the importance of mental health on physical health, the detrimental effects of panic on the community, etc.
    • What are healthier thoughts/behaviors people can engage in instead?
  • Firsthand quotes from nurses about how COVID-19 and what they are doing to inspire, care for, and rise above in an effort to help others
  • Medical / public health professionals on your opinions about open science efforts in addressing supply chain constraints
  • How telehealth can be used to dramatically reduce stress on the healthcare system

Finance Experts – give data on:

  • Is it still a good time to buy a house financially considering COVID-19 concerns?
  • How is BTC (bitcoin) going to look like in 6-12 months?
  • Implementing pay decreases

IT Professionals – comment on:

  • What are some remote working tools to help your team stay connected?
  • Action/strategies being taken/planned during COVID-19 and how you are implementing with technology
  • AI innovations coming out of COVID-19
  • Developer volunteer opportunities to help during COVID-19
  • How to stay secure online and with enterprise databases
  • How COVID-19 is affecting your Microsoft partner

And this a just a tiny sample.

Now’s the time to speak up and speak out.

I don’t need to tell you the world needs your informed guidance and voice of reason right now.

And here’s good reason why: 50% of people don’t believe mainstream institutions will do what’s right. HOWEVER, there are voices across the business spectrum that are considered credible. They are health and technical experts, financial industry veterans and analysts and successful entrepreneurs.

People expect voices of authority to lead. 64% agree that CEOs and Leaders should take the lead on change.

That’s means you have a responsibility to the public at large – poeple are demanding that their news sources are communicating what they need.  The pressure on them is like no other.

Talk to us and we’ll make sure the world sees you.

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