COVID-19 MEDIA UPDATE: What’s Your Good News?

COVID-19 MEDIA UPDATE: What’s Your Good News?

Do you have GOOD NEWS to share as well? Major news outlets want more inspiring stories – from Fox Business, NBC, Business Insider, and many industry trade publications. Their readers and viewers are imploring these outlets for news that gives hope. Don’t sit on your story – let us share it. It’s the JOTO PR Disruptors mission to get your inspiring stories to the people who need them most — especially now.

Here’s a just a few subjects we could use some good news on:

Business leaders – give commentary on:

  • Unique business ideas from around the world
  • Medicare for All and COVID-19
  • Best practices in preparing for SOC 2 compliance
  • How mission-driven organizations define their mission

Healthcare Experts – provide expertise on:

  • When it’s safe to have babysitter help during quarantine
  • What you need to know about health insurance when unemployed
  • How isolation can affect new moms
  • What pet owners should know about COVID-19

Finance Experts – give data on:

  • How retirees can save money during COVID-19
  • How to earn income as a virtual consultant

IT Professionals – comment on:

  • Advantages and best routers for 2020
  • Best Twitter accounts for CIOs and IT leaders
  • Determining if there is a need for AI at companies
  • Gaining control over a multi-cloud environment

Keep in mind, this is only a small sample of the many requests for GOOD NEWS.

It’s time you added your voice to the effort – you can start here.

Millions of people need your stories of HOPE and your voice of REASON right now.

And here’s good reason why: over 50% of people don’t believe mainstream institutions will do what’s right. HOWEVER, there voices across the business spectrum that are considered credible, such as health and technical experts, financial industry veterans and analysts and successful entrepreneurs.

64% agree that CEOs and Leaders should take the lead on change. People expect these voices of authority to lead. 

That means you have a responsibility to the public at large – millions of people are demanding that their news sources communicate what they need.

Talk to us and we’ll get your stories into eyes and ears of those millions.

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