You don’t have wait for our next Top COVID-19 Summit: Quarantined Press Conference to get your word out. If you have solutions, you have a social responsibility to share with those who need them. Major news outlets – Fox Business, NBC, Business Insider, and many more – not to mention the multitude of industry trade publications – they’re all asking for your time right now. It’s the JOTO PR Disruptors mission, and the financial impact for our clients, to get your solutions to the literal millions of people who need them.

Here’s a just a few subjects Journalists asked for expertise on—there are so many more…what can you help with?

Business leaders – give commentary on:

  • Temporary work-at-home tips
  • What to do when an employee test positive for the virus
  • Things to keep in mind when starting a blog
  • The kind of experiments you run for your business

Healthcare Experts – provide expertise on:

  • What questions about COVID-19 should we be asking doctors
  • Immunology and the potential health benefits of elderberries
  • Why face masks are not replacements for social distancing
  • Signs or symptoms that something is wrong with the immune system

Finance Experts – give data on:

  • Soft skills needed for a successful career in finance
  • Changing employee benefits due to COVID-19

IT Professionals – comment on:

  • What HR is doing to support remote working
  • How software engineering leaders are dealing with the sudden spike in demand
  • Why Amazon Alexa needs to be off while working from home
  • What Content Delivery Network would you recommend

Keep in mind, this is only a small sample of the many queries out there.

It’s time you added your voice to the effort – you can start here.

Millions of people need your stories of HOPE and your voice of REASON right now.

And here’s good reason why: over 50% of people don’t believe mainstream institutions will do what’s right. HOWEVER, there are voices across the business spectrum that are considered credible. They are health and technical experts, financial industry veterans and analysts and successful entrepreneurs.

64% agree that CEOs and Leaders should take the lead on change. People expect these voices of authority to lead. 

That’s means you have a responsibility to the public at large – millions of people are demanding that their news sources communicate what they need.

Talk to us and we’ll get your stories into eyes and ears of those millions.