COVID-19 MEDIA UPDATE: Can you help?

COVID-19 MEDIA UPDATE: Can you help?

Before you join us on our next press conference, you have an opportunity right now to put your voice out there. But more importantly, we have a social responsibility to respond with solutions for the millions who are looking for them. That, and the financial impact for our clients, is the JOTO PR Disruptors mission. Keep in in mind, all major news outlets such as Fox Business, NBC, and Business Insider—as well as industry publications in your industry—are scrambling for time with industry innovators and influencers like you.

Here’s a few examples of what journalists asked for last week—do you have something to contribute?

Business leaders – give commentary on:

  • Real estate investors – are you seeing renters unable to pay rent? Your advice?
  • Entrepreneurs who have been forced to pivot
  • Small businesses applying for federal CARES loans

Healthcare Experts – provide expertise on:

  • COVID-19 and gestational diabetes – what should doctors know
  • Ways people make mistakes regarding facemasks
  • Video games and mental health during COVID-19

Finance Experts – give data on:

  • Should retirement be delayed due to the pandemic?
  • Where to invest considering all the volatility and uncertainty today
  • Keeping accounts paid during the COVID-19 crisis
  • How to pivot B&M (brick and mortar) businesses to virtual/online
  • COVID-19 effects on the Bitcoin mining industry
  • Lead times for meetings and events

IT Professionals – comment on:

  • IT productivity in difficult times
  • Cybersecurity frameworks for small businesses
  • Work from home must-haves

And this a just a very tiny sample.

It’s high time you speak up and speak out.

Literally millions of people need your stories of HOPE and your voice of REASON right now.

And here’s good reason why: over 50% of people don’t believe mainstream institutions will do what’s right. HOWEVER, there are voices across the business spectrum that are considered credible. They are health and technical experts, financial industry veterans and analysts and successful entrepreneurs.

64% agree that CEOs and Leaders should take the lead on change. People expect these voices of authority to lead. 

That’s means you have a responsibility to the public at large – people are demanding that their news sources communicate what they need.  The pressure on them is not letting up.

Talk to us and we’ll get your stories into eyes and ears of the millions wanting them.

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