Countdown of 2012′s Most Memorable Marketing Campaigns: #9

HubSpot created a fantastic post about the most memorable marketing campaigns for 2012 – I agree with their picks.

From a PR side, this next one: Samsung GALAXY S III: The Next Best Thing Is Already Here, is a poignant example of using counterpoint PR in a creative way. Samsung never actually says who their competition is per se, while they dis’ Apple.  And catch the subtle – or not so subtle – use of demographics to say that if you use an iPhone you are “older.” I personally have an iPhone, but with the controversial press over the legal spat between the two and this campaign, it’s been fun to watch the sparring.

And you cannot argue with statistics. According to HubSpot, after just one day on the web the video had been shared 99,294 times, and generated 2.3 million views. And after three months, it had generated over 17 million views — and was also being shown in movie theaters. Kudos!

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