Countdown of 2012′s Most Memorable Marketing Campaigns: #5, #4, #3, #2, #1

I loved this blog post.  Here are the rest of the countdown of Hubspot’s Most Memorable Marketing Campaigns for 2012.  Check out the analytics!

#5 Autodesk: Leveraging the Behavior Platform by Badgeville

B2B company, Autodesk, launched a campaign based on gamification in order to get people to use their trial more. Their data showed that people who used the software at least three times during a 30-day trial were more likely to purchase the software.

And after gamifying the experience, Autodesk saw a 10% increase in trial downloads and a 40% increase in trial usage. I call that smart!

#4 Square: Cash Register Launch

Square launched a new app.  They used the credibility of their past success by announcing a major improvement to their business model while also announcing important revenue data of their company’s performance. “Product announcements aren’t easy, but between the video and the business’ detailed website, it was easy for small business owners to understand the simplicity of the new product, as well as the reliability and credibility of the business.”

#3 TNT: Push to Add Drama

You might remember this campaign we highlighted several months ago of how to use PR stunt and high emotion in PR to get a result. Hubspot obviously agreed.

“When the network TNT launched in Belgium, they made a pretty big splash.  In less than 2 days, TNT had generated over 6.5 million views. Eight months later, there are close to 40 million views on YouTube.”

#2 Invisible Children: Kony

This was an excellent educational campaign also using emotion and a short cinematic film to make it’s point. “In March 2012, Invisible Children launched a video to bring awareness to the violence from Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA).  The video went viral with help from celebrities including Oprah Winfrey; it generated over 16.6 million views on Vimeo and over 94 million views on YouTube. More than 1/3 of the U.S. Senate has supported the capture of Kony.”

#1 General Electric: Experts

General Electric is definitely an exception for being creative in the B2B market.  Across many social media platforms GE has a consistent and engaging message. They also commonly feature the people behind their brand to give a friendly face to a billion dollar company – this, according to Hubspot (and I agree), makes them an expert in marketing. Transparency humanizes their brand and creates a connection. Brilliant!

Via Hubspot

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