Conventional PR Costs You Money. Anti-PR Makes You Money.


Chances are you’ve looked at doing PR for your business and felt your stomach drop. What is it PR firms actually do, anyway? you might think. It just seems like magicians who are experts at making money disappear.

With conventional PR there’s no measurable input/output. PR firms say they’re doing a lot, but there’s no transparency! What the hell is going on?

Well, we’re JoTo PR, the Anti-PR company, and we’re mad, too.

Before I tell you the good news—how Anti-PR can grow your business—let’s look at the current “PR” landscape, sorry as it is.

  • Most established PR companies are focused on the status quo. Big, institutional names that give you the sense you should give them a round of applause for them walking in the room. Many “awards” glitter their walls – but what kind of results are their clients getting?
  • There’s no delineated strategy on how their PR actions will create ROI for you. Their methods are kept deliberately vague because they’re supposed to be the “experts” and you don’t really understand.
  • When they yield lack of results, they tell you, “We’re trying.” They promise that they’ve “sown the seeds” and that you just “can’t see the effects yet,” but by gosh, they’re coming! When they do manage to get one major media placement, they won’t let you forget about it for months while they proceed to get… zero more.
  • Their strategy is focused on one-hit wonders rather than constant media exposure at all levels. To them there’s no need to act urgently. They don’t see that the “urgent” part of the equation is the need to grow your revenue!

We are “Anti-PR,” we do just the opposite.

  • We’re pissed off about the status quo. Our main focus is on developing real strategies that get you real results – and we’ll track them in real time. We talk to you person-to-person. Our firm is founded not on our “institutional prowess” but on proven statistics, authenticity of our team and our experienced CEO.
  • We make sure you understand what we’re doing, and we communicate every step of the way. Our relationship with our clients is a partnership, not a hierarchical non-relationship where you’re supposed to feel like we’re doing you a favor.
  • If we don’t get you results, we’re not satisfied. If we’re not doing our job, we know there are no excuses. We get it right, or else.
  • Our strategy is one of Disruption, Exposure, Influence, and Power. We get you constant media exposure so that you can grow your influence because greater influence without fail means greater ROI and greater organizational power.

I have developed JoTo PR’s strategy in part from my deep experience in the crisis management PR field, where proactivity is the absolute name of the game.

At JoTo PR we are not only on top of, but in front of, the eight ball for our visionary clients – in order to generate that critical public trust. We don’t wait for a crisis. We solve the crisis. The crisis is that not enough people know and trust your business and you’re not getting the revenues that you deserve.

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