Content Repurposing a Must to Achieve Marketing ROI, Experts Say

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Alex Navarro, founder of Edison on Main, highlights notable content repurposing strategies for B2B companies.

If You Market Podcast hosts, Sky Cassidy and cohost Karla Jo Helms, interview award-winning branding expert, Alex Navarro, on how companies can increase ROI by repurposing content through various channels. The podcast recommends businesses deploy previously created content across several mediums in order to reach new audiences and revitalize customer interactions.

(Canoga Park, CA) June 11, 2019 – Studies have shown that generating a strong B2B content marketing strategy is one of the most effective ways to increase sales and engage new customers.(1) However, the reality is, marketing teams do not have the bandwidth to generate new content consistently. To circumvent this issue, B2B companies should employ content repurposing—by dividing existing content into smaller messages and subsequently spreading them over several platforms. “Repurposing ensures you get the ROI from your content ideas by allowing you to reach people where and when they would prefer to interact with your brand with a consistent set of messages,” said Alex Navarro, award-winning brand expert and founder of Edison on Main in the latest B2B If You Market Podcast.

Navarro elaborated on the ways in which B2B companies can maximize their existing content marketing strategies and reach on Episode 40 of the If You Market podcast “Content Repurposing with Alex Navarro, hosted by MountainTop Data CEO Sky Cassidy and JOTO PR CEO Karla Jo Helms.(3)

Navarro explained the powerful influence produced by taking one piece of content and dividing it, so as to penetrate different audience viewpoints. He recalled a real estate client and how they were able to transform their three-chapter eBook to strengthen marketing efforts and ultimately increase sales. He added that different customers may prefer to view content differently. By adapting to a potential customer’s preference, a strong relationship can be nurtured.

“At the very least, you can break each chapter into one blog post apiece. That’s one set of branches that you’ve transformed the eBook into. And then you can also send out a sequence of emails to your subscribers for each chapter.”

Navarro further identified methods of content transformation, “You can transform the eBook into a webinar and reuse the webinar audio recording for a podcast. Or, you can share the presentation on SlideShare. You could even share the video recording on YouTube,” he explained.

Rather than letting one, large piece of content tell the whole story of the brand, Navarro advocated for a system of creation that involves breaking down large blocks of content into smaller, more bite-sized, vehicles of messaging. Navarro called this ideology the “Content Tree.”

Navarro described the “Content Tree” by explaining that the base, or trunk, represents a large piece of content that contains a brand’s central idea or communication. In some cases, this would be an eBook or white paper. The limbs of the tree represent the different methods for distribution like a podcast episode or blog post. The leaves represent the areas of promotion and distribution of the content, such as social media or email marketing.

Cassidy explained further, “Social posts are a branch and the different social platforms will be different leaves.” Navarro stated that following this model provides endless opportunities for expansion and allows for companies to visualize how they can transform their content to draw in new customers.

Navarro’s 4 Favorite Methods of Content Transformation

  1. Infographics
  2. Printed fliers or letters
  3. Video or Facebook Live Streaming
  4. Blog Posts

Navarro’s Top 3 Tips for Creating Content

  1. Create Value– The content should provide valuable information to the audience.
  2. Be Relatable– If the customer cannot engage, they are not going to read.
  3. Be Confident– Trust your expertise and be confident in your work.

“Once you’ve created that good piece of pillar content, you want to chop it out for time management purposes, as well,” said Cassidy. “Don’t try to come up with 500 new ideas. Take one really good one and make sure you get your value out of it.” Helms noted the importance in this thought process, “As long as it’s getting response and it’s getting interest, keep working it.”

Content repurposing is a robust approach to increasing awareness of B2B brands and boosting sales and leads. To listen to the podcast episode on Content Repurposing with Alex Navarro, visit https://ifyoumarkettheywillcome.com/2019/03/12/40-stop-wasting-content-with-alex-navarro/?PRS.

The If You Market podcast is a 45-minute conversation about B2B marketing—new trends, best practices and pitfalls to avoid. Each episode features a conversation with one expert guest discussing topics like: content marketing, account-based marketing, social media, marketing automation, PR, etc.

The podcast airs on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and TuneIn Radio.

About Alex Navarro

Alex Navarro, Founder at Edison on Main, is an award-winning branding expert, a Hubspot and Google AdWords certified digital marketer, and the founder of Edison on Main – where you can find marketing toolkits that teach entrepreneurs how to grow their email lists and social media followers, get found on Google, increase leads, and sell more.

About the If You Market Podcast

Meet If You Market podcast host, Sky Cassidy—an accomplished B2B marketer. And his co-host, disruptive PR evangelist Karla Jo Helms. Together they talk with industry experts to analyze B2B marketing tactics in a cocktail hour atmosphere.

Sky Cassidy is also the CEO of MountainTop Data. MountainTop Data, based in Los Angeles, CA, provides data and data services for B2B marketing. Karla Jo Helms is the CEO and Anti-PR Strategist of PR agency, JOTO PR DisruptorsTM, based in Tampa, FL. Visit them via http://ifyoumarkettheywillcome.com/category/if-you-market-podcast/?PRS

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  2. Cassidy, Sky. “Content Repurposing with Alex Navarro,” If You Market podcast; March 12, 2019.


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