Content Marketing and Curating Best Led by PR

Content-MarketingThe content marketing industry will be expanding in 2014, with 71% of marketers increasing their content marketing investment in 2014, and 39% increasing spend on curation (1).

However, many organizations will find that it takes more than an increased budget to be successful as a content marketer. PR is beneficial to any marketing campaign because highlights an organization’s acts of good will, accomplishments and contributions to the community – which in turn lends credibility to marketing efforts. PR lays the groundwork and controls the message, signifying you as a reputable company.

For example, JoTo client Open Dealer Exchange (ODE), used PR to curate the content disseminated to their target markets and finally got the attention of a large prospective client they have been working on for years:

“I knew about JoTo PR because they are across the street from a company I worked for and I heard good things about them. As we started going through a re-launch of the company, I contacted Karla Jo Helms about PR for our company. In the course of conversations, I learned about the value of PR and what it can do when it’s done right and realized how important it would be to bring them on board.
“JoTo released the first press release for us in advance of the NADA convention. From this first release, we have several media interviews lined up already and a major bank contacted us, expressing their desire to meet with us at the convention with several members of their team. This is unprecedented! In the past, we’ve had to persistently knock on doors to get any kind of traction with potential customers.
“I’m seeing first-hand how important and effective good PR is and I’m looking forward to continued success with JoTo PR.” – Curt Larson, ODE Product Marketing Manager

Public relations is really a tool to make your idea or vision one that people start claiming as their own, so that when you deliver your marketing materials, people already have the idea that you have instilled in their minds.  The whole purpose of business PR is to make sure that you get a better return on investment for your marketing dollars by establishing your credibility before marketing your product or service.

PR lays the foundation, so that people are more receptive to and will respond to your marketing efforts.

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