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Content Creation—Is My Content Working?

Tips for Measuring Content Marketing ROI | JoTo PR

In the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing trends, content marketing has become something that businesses can’t afford to ignore. Engaging with your customers via content marketing has become the norm—and if your business isn’t capturing audience attention with it, you can be certain your competitors are.

Because content marketing ROI is measured quite differently than paid advertising1, it’s a common misconception that it’s not actually measurable at all—but that’s not the case. Here are some tried-and-true ways to make sure your content marketing is paying off for your business.

How to Determine if Your Content Marketing Is Working

Are you building more engagement on social networks?
 One of the biggest benefits of content marketing is that it allows you to build a relationship with your audience2 instead of simply shouting marketing buzzwords at them—and social media is perhaps the best indicator that it’s working. When followers engage with your social accounts, it’s a good sign that they’re connecting with your brand’s messaging and are more likely to become a qualified lead.

Is your email marketing successful?
 Your email list is an important component of content marketing, as it provides a platform for you to connect to each customer directly. If you’re seeing positive email marketing metrics such as more signups, opens and clicks, that’s a great sign that consumers are actively engaging with your brand.

Has your time on website increased? 
We all know that having a high bounce rate doesn’t speak well of website engagement, but it’s important to consider that the inverse is also true. The more time customers spend on your site, the more likely they’re interested in your brand and therefore can be considered a more qualified lead. So, if your metrics show visitors clicking through your website, reading blogs and other content, it’s a fantastic sign that they’re interested in your messaging.

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