The construction sector in the United States is among the largest in the world. Working with a PR agency that seeks excellent results, any construction company can befit from building its brand with potential clients. JoTo PR is one such PR firm with a difference. We do PR in an unusual way by focusing on story-telling activities that deliver tangible results in terms of positive control of public opinion to increase goodwill and overall business. Our methods have been called an act of Anti-PR due to our crisis management strategies being positively applied to everyday PR.

About the Construction Industry

The construction industry in the U.S. creates about $1.3 trillion dollars’ worth of buildings every year. This makes it a major contributor to the economy and a major employer. The industry, however, is changing just as the tastes and preferences of its clients are changing as well. This creates a situation where this massive sector needs to reconnect with its clients and potential customers in order to continue growing sales. This increase in revenues will come from brand-building through earning the trust of clients. Any construction firm can do this through well-thought-out and strategic PR engagement.

What is the Role of Public Relations in the Construction Industry?

Construction projects are usually very expensive endeavors. This means that trust and the client’s confidence in your ability to deliver determine if the client will engage your construction firm. Well thought out and properly executed PR strategy ensures that potential clients develop positive feelings about your brand. By connecting with them, you are able to plant seeds of confidence in their minds about your brand name. This goodwill is then carefully translated into actual project engagement resulting in increased revenue for your firm.

Why is JoTo PR the Right Public Relations Partner for the Construction Industry?

  • We are disruptive.
  • We are results oriented.
  • We drive interest.
  • We have the know-how to produce stellar results; we are never satisfied with just “OK.”
  • We provide hands-on PR guidance.
  • We focus on our client’s greatness.
  • We apply crisis management techniques to everyday PR.
  • We are proactive.
  • We get you continuous press and coverage that are needed to drive business growth.

Choose JoTo PR for Top-Notch Construction PR Solutions

JoTo PR commits to undertaking PR with a difference. We have changed the game when it comes to PR and we hold ourselves to exacting standards. We believe that you deserve to see a return for every dollar that you invest in PR. For this reason, we do not consider ourselves successful in any PR project until the client can see a positive difference in their revenues or any other strategic business goal. Indeed, as our name suggests, we are focused on delivering above and beyond your expectations when it comes to the role of PR in your overall business. You can count on our founder Karla Jo Helms and her team to apply the principles of crisis management to get you the media coverage that your brand requires.

If you want to disrupt the construction sector, gain exposure, and become an influencer, do not hesitate to request a complimentary PR evaluation now! Alternatively, you may call our toll-free number at (888) 919-4034 or email us at info@jotopr.com for other inquiries.

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