Client in the News: Zanthion CEO Phil Regenie Analyzes the Integration of AI in the Healthcare Industry

Client in the News: Zanthion CEO Phil Regenie Analyzes the Integration of AI in the Healthcare Industry

The Assimilation of AI for Hospitals Provides Real-Time Measurements of Patients’ Health

JoTo PR Client, Zanthion, was featured in an article in Technopedia titled, How AI in Health Care Is Identifying Risks & Saving Money.

Machine learning has the luxury of not only observing and analyzing patient data 24/7, but also combining information collected from multiple sources, i.e. historical records, daily evaluations by medical staff, and real-time measurements of vitals such as heart rate, oxygen usage and blood pressure. The application of AI in the assessment and prediction of imminent heart attacks, falls, strokes and complications are currently underway worldwide.

Integrating AI solutions with current hospital systems is an economic, political and technical problem. The purpose of this article is to discuss the technical problems, which can be broken down into the following functions: get the data, clean the data, transport the data, analyze the data and notify the stakeholders. Improving the accuracy of health delivery by recognizing critical events through the integration of patient monitoring equipment, wearable sensors and health records has known solutions already being implemented.

Zanthion is an AI digital healthcare company specializing in the integration of an extensible architecture of sensors, protective clothing and environmental equipment for both assisted living communities and the home—a cross between Uber, smart homes, fall detection and senior care. Zanthion exists to create new and disruptive solutions for seniors and their families to track and detect possible issues and injuries for today’s senior citizens, using technology to provide a better quality of life for everyone involved. Zanthion is a pioneer in changing our social environment with future vision, solution-based systems that improve the world based on an open source, transparent, crowd-sourced platform and social processes that accurately assess what happened, inform the correct people, provide resources to the problem efficiently, and keep track of the efficiency of fixing the problem. Zanthion embraces a responsible future. Visit www.Zanthion.com.

Technopedia aims to provide insight and inspiration to IT professionals and technology decision-makers.

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