Client in the News: White Men as Full Diversity Partners Featured in Entrepreneur Magazine

Client in the News:  White Men as Full Diversity Partners Featured in Entrepreneur MagazineWhite Men as Full Diversity Partners strives to change the world by engaging leaders of organizations – white men, white women, men and women of color, of different nationalities and communities – to transform partnerships across difference.

What’s Up?

An article in Entrepreneur Magazine entitled Workforce Discrimination Is Costing Business $64 Billion Every Year
Entrepreneur Magazine is the online home of the print magazine Entrepreneur. It is a destination for users who are interested started, running and growing a successful business. It provides community tools and services to small and emerging businesses.

White Men as Full Diversity Partners imparts their knowledge on business employees everywhere, giving them the edge they need to create a diverse workforce, with optimum balance.

This article will be read by all types of business people, each of whom is interested in creating and maintaining a successful business. When they share the message of White Men as Full Diversity Partners and learn the financial impact of discrimination in their work force, the message will have tripled or quadrupled in scope.

This media placement demonstrates the power of communication outlets to spread a message, elevating a client and their expertise.

Calculation (335,031 is the number of actual readers that read this article.) The online magazine reaches 13,401,239 people each month and the likelihood that they share what they have read is great.

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