Client in the News: Vladimir Sidorenko, CEO of Performia CIS, Underscores the Value of Job Training to Strengthen Employee Engagement



Defined Job Role Expectations and Growth Opportunities Critical for Engagement

JoTo PR Client, Vladimir Sidorenko, wrote a byline in Newsmax titled, Job Training Remains a Vital Component for Employee Engagement.

American workers are more likely than not to be “ROAD warriors” – Retired On Active Duty. A Gallup poll found that just 34 percent of American workers would consider themselves “engaged” at their jobs – with 53 percent “just showing up,” and 16.5 percent “actively disengaged.” Most people have likely been discouraged at one point or another by the attitudes of coworkers with the mentality of “9 to 5.”

But, the good news is that employee engagement training no longer must be as cumbersome as it used to be, blocking out an entire workweek to train employees or sending managers on an expensive retreat. However, a company that decides to train its employees, HR and management should always ensure onboarding procedures establish the following:

  • What an employee is expected to give (i.e. clear performance expectations)
  • What an employee will get in exchange for his/her work (i.e. clear outline of compensation)
  • What the employee’s role is in the organization, and why it’s important
  • The ways the employee has opportunity to grow and take on more responsibility

Vladimir Sidorenko is Founder and CEO of Performia CIS, an international personnel management consulting company. Created in 2001, they specialize in effective solutions to personnel problems and technology for hiring productive employees and contributing to higher profits for companies. Sidorenko is a sought-after speaker at various international forums and conventions on topics of personnel management. Performia seminars on techniques for hiring productive and qualified team members have been attended by more than 13,000 business-owners, executives and personnel managers worldwide.  Performia International is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and Performia CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) is located is Moscow, Russia. Get to know Vladimir Sidorenko at www.performiainternational.com

Newsmax provides breaking news and analysis on the American economic and financial picture.

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