Client in the News: Vladimir Sidorenko, CEO of Performia CIS, Highlights the Importance of a Diverse Workplace



Diverse Workplaces More Likely to Outperform Profitability Margins

JoTo PR Client, Vladimir Sidorenko, wrote an article in TLNT called, The Business Case For Diversity and Inclusion

A study done by the US Census Bureau projects that by 2050, the country will have no racial or ethnic majority. Therefore, companies in the US are making strides towards implementing diverse hiring practices and initiatives in their workplaces. But, there’s still a long way to go, and most US companies are still behind the curve on promoting diverse workforces that reflect the country’s changing demographics. That means they’re missing out on the benefits that promoting a diverse workforce brings – from fairer, more welcoming work environments to bigger profits.

While they aren’t the only factors affecting the bottom line, diversity and inclusion in the workplace no doubt play significant parts in creating growth and improving performance. Thus, why is it that so many American companies still haven’t taken the steps to encourage more diversity and inclusion in the workplace? Even when putting aside fairness and inclusion, the advantages created by varied viewpoints and ideas should be attractive enough to employers to start cultivating more diverse workplaces.

In the end, it would behoove organizations and managers to start molding workplaces that reflect society’s demographic changes. The changes they see, both in workplace culture and on business outcomes, might surprise them.

Vladimir Sidorenko is Founder and CEO of Performia CIS, an international personnel management consulting company. Created in 2001, they specialize in effective solutions to personnel problems and technology for hiring productive employees and contributing to higher profits for companies. Sidorenko is a sought-after speaker at various international forums and conventions on topics of personnel management. Performia seminars on techniques for hiring productive and qualified team members have been attended by more than 13,000 business-owners, executives and personnel managers worldwide.  Performia International is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and Performia CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) is located is Moscow, Russia. Get to know Vladimir Sidorenko at www.performiainternational.com

TLNT discusses human resources and the HR Industry, including legal topics and issues, compensation and benefits (health, financial/retirement, and voluntary), HR technology and software, training and development, HR management, and other related areas.

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